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Contributor js99
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Registered: ‎11-27-2011
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I too would like TCM HD. The low quality of the current video does not nearly match the quality of TCM's programming!

Contributor Burningfool
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Registered: ‎03-07-2017
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And still no HD channel for TCM.


Please, Verizon - make this happen.  I will go back to Comcast just for TCM.  


Contributor Pie-Eyed
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Registered: ‎11-11-2014
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Me, too!  I'm outta here when my contract is up.  We got a superduper 4K smart TV earlier this year that makes TCM look downright dumb.  Its fantastic resolution makes SD look all the worse.  We specifically asked the Fios agent banging on doors on our block when it became available here if Fios carried TCM.  We were too stupid to add HD to the question.  We miss Comcast.  Never had a problem.  TCM HD is essential for any serious movie fan.  Fios is way behind the curve.  Comcast also had some movies the same day they appeared in theaters.  Fios seems not to have that at all.

Copper Contributor Bishrone
Copper Contributor
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6 months later...still no TCM HD.


I asked their twitter account, and they were stupid enough to tell me:


"Unfortunately we don't know when that may happen as most of the classic movies being broadcast were not filmed in HD"


 How stupid is that? 

Contributor WilliamV3
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It's not an solution to this issue but it might be an option for some folks. I just recently noticed that the Watch TCM app is now available for the Amazon Fire (and soon for Roku) so I just got a Fire Stick and now I can watch any of the monthly shows on demand in HD on my TV. Works good for me so far.

Contributor markthedoctor
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Does the Amazon Fire app stream TCM live?

Copper Contributor garysb
Copper Contributor
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No it does not stream TCM live but it does stream most of the movies begining shortly after the west coast feed of the channal on demand for a few weeks.  Probably the closest I will get see TCM HD as long as I keep Fios

Contributor tankhimo
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I switched to Verizon from tiny RCN that had had TCM in HD for years. I watch TCM a lot, SD looks terrible on flat screen TV, and unless Verizon steps up its game to match a mom-and-pop RCN shop, I will be back there the first time Verizon raises my subscription price. 

Moderator Moderator
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