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TCM (Turner Class Movies) in HD (High Definition)

TCM (Turner Class Movies) in HD (High Definition)

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Platinum Contributor III
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This is a peer to peer support forum.

None of us know why TCM is not offered in HD.

If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer as Accepted Solution so others can see the solution to the problem.
Contributor moonaberry
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Arrrgh!   I just switched over to Verizon Fios today and TCM isn't in HD?  It never even occurred to me that it wouldn't be in HD.  It's one of my favorites channels and now it's fuzzy.  So disappointed.

Contributor MamaGee
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It seems we are not alone in wanting to receive the TCM channel in HD as so many other carriers provide. But it seems the Verizon management doesn't care if we complain to each other. I've tried to find it, but can't seem to locate how to communicate directly with them. Any suggestions?

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Much of TCM content IS in high definition.  


It is a disgrace that so many minor fringe channels clearly w/ miniscule viewership are available and added onto Hi-Def. ( including sports channels which are only on the air for one day or less per week), while we are forced to watch newly restored 4-K  videos (i.e., Funny Girl) in blurred , distorted standard definition.


I think that this discriminates against the senior citizens who are the strongest demographic for TCM.  For course, if you want to watch any minor sport telecast from unrecognizable European venues w/ sub-par, unknown athletes on one of several, newly added generally unknown (sort of) sports channels, it awaits you in Hi-Def. 


I sought TCM in high definition from the (more responsive) small cable company which preceeded Comcast. 

Contributor Arciel
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February 2018 and still no HD for TCM on Verizon FiOS. How many requests are needed to reach critical mass to make this happen?

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Bronze Contributor I
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I contacted the CEO's office regarding not receiving TCM in HD!

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How many requests, and to WHOM, specifically. As was mentioned by someone else on here, if Fios management/personel are not reading these forums to vague customer content/discontent, none of this matters a bit. We need to find the write email and/or snailmail address, and blast them HARD about this! Beause I agree, in 2018 it's absolutely OUTRAGEOUS that it's offered only in SD. I was late in getting a flat panel HD tv --- we only just bought one in Dec 2017 -- and before that, had a regular GE tube set. Comcast and then later Fios's (we switched to Fios last summer) TCM didn't look too bad on it...and when I finally bought the UHD set, I understandably assumed (like a LOT of the posters on here, from what I'm reading) that I ALREADY had an HD version. NOW I could actually USE it. No, when I signed up with Fios, I just made sure that they HAD TCM....because, at the time, I didn't even have an HD set and didn't know when I"d be getting one, anyway. But if I'd been asked if they offer TCM in HD, I surely would've said "I assume so!"

Bzzzt....wrong! No, now I have to be forced to watch the same SD channel I used to watch, but now it ironically looks WORSE than it did on the much-worse-quality GE tube set! Because apparently, all those flaws are now magnified by the crystal-clear UHD tv. TCM on Fios is near-unwatchable. Making it worse is seeing how good it could've looked (other channels that are HD occasionally show old films - like FXM -- and it's pretty nice --- crystal-clear, sharp B&W picture. You can see details that previously weren't even able to see!

So now my new thing is figuring out a work-around for now (becasue I'm not going to eat the contract, whatever that costs). We also have Amazon Prime, the tv offers Chromecast, we have Netflix....but none of that helps us. I thought I might be able to stream, at least, TCM programming from my iPhone, via the tv's Chromecast function, but the TCM app does not seem to offer an Chromecast link! I can Chomecast Netflix....and it looks like FilmStruck, which i"m thinking of starting a free trial with, also has Chromecast (so I can stream if from my iPhone TO my UHD set).

Any other ideas? Someone mentiond Amazon fire stick. Not sure what that comes with these days, and I hate the idea of being forced to add yet one more monthly subscription ONLY to watch ONE beloved channel the only way it's really worth watching nowadays (if you have an HD tv set), but I'm not sure else there is? What's really galling here is that I'm NOT trying to game the system -- lots of internet threads exist elsewhere about ways to watch a TCM stream FOR FREE....I'm already paying a monthly charge to Verizon for Fios...it's what allows me to log in to my TCM iPhone app and watch it in HD on a tiny, tiny screen.


It just should be this hard, or complicated. Many times I find myself longing for the old days, when you had one place to watch tv, your tv set, with your rabbit ears. Or even early cable tv, in the early 1980s. But now, there are so many different methods and companies, and who has teamed up with who else is ever-changing; who the hell can keep UP with it (i.e., what channels are offered on Hulu, what movies are being added or dropped from Netflix, channels leaving Fios, what Chromecast works with, what's on the Fire Stick.....it's ridiculously complex figuring out what the best option is. I'd even pay a small fee to add just TCM in HD. But that isn't an option, is it? 🙂

Hoping someone else has an idea or two I hadn't heard...

Copper Contributor ek222
Copper Contributor
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I have been trying to get Verizon to add TCM HD for 10 years. It is available on COMCAST amount other carriers and looks great. With all of Verizons recent channel deletions what can't you add TCM HD since you already have TCM on channel 230? Put it on channel 730. Please.

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Still no TCM in HD as of 5/11/2018. Doesn't Verizon listen to its customers requests?

Contributor tankhimo
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I switched to Verizon from tiny RCN that had had TCM in HD for years. I watch TCM a lot, SD looks terrible on flat screen TV, and unless Verizon steps up its game to match a mom-and-pop RCN shop, I will be back there the first time Verizon raises my subscription price. 

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