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TIVO Premiere

TIVO Premiere

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Anyone have experience with TIVO Premiere with FIOS?  How easy is getting it working, and how well does it work after installing?  Do you save any money off the FIOS bill?

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Tivo works great with FIOS. You just need to rent a cable card from Verizon for it to work.


Yes you will save a little bit of money on the Verizon side, but you will pay that money to Tivo for their subscription.


You dont go with TIVO to save money. The reason to go with TIVO is for their services.


Be aware though, with a Tivo, you will loose the Verizon VOD and Widgets.


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Now I have the QIP 7232 P2 that I practically begged for, and it has a 500GB drive . I had a Tivo HD for about 13 -14 months which I had a 1TB drive installed. I tried the newer Tivo Premier and sent it back the first week. I had to disable the HD Menu on the Tivo Premier to use parental controls. What kind of joke was that. There are varying opinions regarding the Tivo Units. Now with Verizon 1.9 in waiting, and Tivo Premier HD guide being the SD guide just stretched and given a higher resolution. I wish I had just stuck with My Tivo HD, for which I may order a cable card soon. It is on my shelf and I was very happy with it. Verizon 1.9 should make the Verizon boxes great, WHEN it is ready and rolled out. But for now I would not spend my money on a TiVO Premier if I had a Tivo HD.


Here is my thread regarding my opinion in the new Tivo. But like I said opinion. Tivo may have fixed many of their issues. But then again we are also waiting for Verizon 1.9.

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Can you please elaborate on Verizon 1.9? 

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menton11 wrote:

Can you please elaborate on Verizon 1.9? 

Ment version 1.9 software img. May have typed Verizon.


This link is rather old, and there has been much talk about the new software img 1.9 that adds many features. It has been in testing with a release sent to testers, and then a roll out to limited areas. Here is a link to the release notes that were published shortly after the 1.8 image was rolled out to all areas. The software 1.9 img has been in testing for a while now. Use the search feature on the top right side of this page, and search for 1.9.


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I use the tivo HD and love it with no issues.  The only downfall I have is you can't watch video on demand

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