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TWC Sports Net?

TWC Sports Net?

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Does anyone know if Fios is going to pick up the new Time Warner Cable Sports Network come October 1, 2012?  I really don't want to pay the termination fee in order to switch to Time Warner Cable just so I can catch the Laker games in Southern California. I've actually been pretty content with Fios and would hate to switch.

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LA  Lakers Network

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With all home & away Lakers games on TWC sports net, I can't imagine FIOS would not carry it.  Accourding to TWC, they are negociating with all TV providors.  I'd love to know for sure if FIOS will carry it.

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I would like to know for sure too. I wonder when we'll find out?
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What's going on with FIOS and TimeWarner?  We need to have all Laker games broadcast on FIOS.  What a bummer if we can't get the games.

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I heard that Verizon is in negotiations with Time-Warner at this time to carry the Laker games....I set up a live chat with Verizon..but they could not tell me (or won't tell me)

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Ok Verizon it's the end of August the schedules have been released and us Laker fans are getting really itchy if you don't hurry up and let us know what number to dial in on!


I like your services a lot but if you don't come through on this Lakers channel, I'm done! I'm outta here! Without any hesitation! I gotta have my Lakers!

So please come through and make your announcement soon, very soon! Pre-season starts Sunday, October 7th! You have a little over a month… the clock is ticking…

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They won't say anything until the channel is launched, but like the other post above, I just couldn't imagine Verizon not carrying these channels. There should even be plenty of QAM space locally for them to add them since the LA region currently only has two regional sports networks. As we've seen in New York, Verizon wants to carry regional sports and they value the programming as a selling point.

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Lakers and PAC 12 football and basketball are both on TWC. If Fios doesn't pick up both I'll be changing. Deadline Sept 22nd. First USC game scheduled fornewnetwork and plenty of time before Lakers start. 

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Go to  You can see if your TV provider will carry the new channel. As of 9/5/12, the only service it says is airing  Time Warner sports net is Time Warner. hmmm... interesting. 


This new venture will cost millions of dollars. They need all cable services included.  I am hoping Verizon comes thru. However, I am doing my research if I need to change come October 1st.

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