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TWC Sports Net?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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@Kalin, how about you get an answer from one of the negotiations crew about a time frame for Verizon to get TWC Sports Net!!! If you can't do that then I don't understand why we can't provide an email address to try and get some answers ourselves!?
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I apologize, but unfortunately we cannot answer that question. A forum moderator’s job is to maintain the forum itself, so we are unable to access accounts or provide support information.


Per the PM you received, it is against the community terms of service to post contact information that cannot be found on the Verizon website, or any correspondence with Verizon staff and/or support agents.


Thanks for your understanding.

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Contributor Axshun
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Will be switching to another provider if FiOS doesn't get their act together and get the new TWC Sportsnet channel before or by the time the season starts. Luckily i dont have any contractual obligations with Verizon to hold me back from switching the moment another provider eventually carries TWC Sportsnet.

Copper Contributor chaunce
Copper Contributor
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LOL Verizon editing out staff contact emails?


Anyway, clock is still tcking.



Btw if they don't get this deal done, customers switch. Do not stay and take this crap.  Verizon has done a horrible job keeping the customer informed or showing them that they even care at all. we have been treated with little respect and that is the main issue.The other cable companies have been in direct contact with their customers and let them know what is going on. verizon hasn't even given an official response to anyone. Their reps just a week ago didn't even know about the situation( trust me it's true, i called and everyone was perplexed. I had to explain it to them)


Considering verizon is still trying to build a base and isn't exactly the cheapest option, it is ridiculous how they have acted in this situation.

It is very similar to the pac 12 channel, which to this day they just let slide. You still see people posting about this because they once again werent in contact with the customer to let them know they werent getting it.



Contributor jrolfedrev
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Exactly, Chaunce. And to me this is pure arrogance part of Verizon. While Lakers and TWC may be a part of this at least notfiy your five year FIOS customer. Time Warner is coming Monday.......

Contributor lbrockme
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't make us leave verizon.  

Our family loves verizon ... but ... will have to look for other options of other providers who can provide the sports channels needed

It won't be TWC because of obvious reasons ... not going to reward them ... but if no sports then at least dish prvoides options

Contributor stevenazyp
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Just spent an hour on the phone with a supervisor over this topic.  This is rediculous!  It's like playing a game of circle jerks!  I was referred to "retentions" on Monday but otherwise all is blamed on other people.  Get over it and get the thing done!  Abviously enough people didn't cancel to get the Pac-12 Network working in time for the season (great game I'm missing today btw!).  Absolutely stupid that you can see every Big12, SEC, and irrelevant game for College FB but not a local team!


Verizon, please have some sense!  The switch is not my preference as I have been with verizon for a long time and it would actually be a pain to switch!  I like FIOS but this is pushing past my limits.


Also, when you tell someone on the phone to leave a forum message to get a response, and don't give any response, that's terrible business!!!


Frustrated fan!

Contributor stevenazyp
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Find someone who can answer the question, that's why they send us here.... please!!!

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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to all laker fans have bad news  fios is going not pick up the team this not time warner cable  ok im sorry time warner cable is charge you 17.00 ,month that why i leave ok

Copper Contributor DannyMac10
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To me it hasn't been resolved.  The Verizon rep told me that I opted for Free Multi Room DVR for 2 years over the Visa Bonus Debit Card.  Checked my bill and they are charging $31.98 for multi room DVR and giving me credit for $19.99 for only 1 year not 2 as he stated.  Not only that subtracting the $31.98 from $19.99 credit means I am paying for multi room DVR 2 rooms each month.  So this contract is voided on Verizon's part by not supplying the Visa Bonus Debit Card they promised back in March 2012.  At that time that was the big come on Verizon was pushing to new subscribers.  Again, I am paying for a multi room DVR package each month so the Verizon rep who said I was getting it for free for 2 years is wrong!

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