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Tennis Channel Sports Pass

Tennis Channel Sports Pass

Contributor nate52025
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Registered: ‎08-22-2012
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I went to bed May 8 being able to watch Tennis Channel. I woke up today and it says you are not subscribed! Is the Tennis Channel part of the Sports Pass package that I can upgrade to???

Copper Contributor SharonP
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎01-18-2011
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I just got the Sports Pass for $9.99/month and have quickly determined it's NOT worth it.  Here in my zip code (23113)  the Sports Pass includes 2 horse racing channels, Sportsman, World Fishing Network, Longhorn Network, Outdoor Channel in HD and SD, CBS Sports in SD and ESPN Buzzer Beater (which is already included in the Extreme Package). Also included in the Sports Pass is beIn Sports HD, which is the ONLY one I am interested in.. I want to watch the Giro d'Italia and it's carried on beIn Sports.

It looks like for $15/month I can upgrade from Extreme to Ultimate and get all these Sports Pass channels plus many others. So I screwed up getting just the Sports Pass for $9.99/month! 


Like you I was watching Tennis Channel on my Extreme Package and suddenly it's gone.  But it is NOT included in the Sports Pass package here in 23113.

Contributor nanlmille
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Registered: ‎09-05-2011
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I too was enjoying Tennis Channel as part of the Extreme package and found it suddenly not there. The message on screen said I was 'not subscribed."  When I called the number listed, I was told that Tennis Channel was no longer part of my package and the only way I could get the channel would be to sign up for the Ultimate package. This package appears to cost $40 more per month.  However, I agreed to it because of my desperation to see Tennis Channel during the upcoming French Open, Wimbledon, etc. I am very unhappy that once again Verizon Fios simply dropped Tennis Channel with no notification, no advance warning, no explanation. FYI, I live in Maryland--zip code 21046.

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Registered: ‎06-24-2010
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Did you not receive the e-mails and messages on the STB/DVR that this was going to happen? 

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 46
Registered: ‎06-28-2011
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Sangs, you seem to imply you received a message on your STB.DVR about this issue?


If so please share as Verizon still has not commented on if the Tennis Channel is indeed now part of ExtremeHD and if not why its not part of the Sport Pass.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I received a message through the STB about a week or two ago telling me that some channels were being removed or moved to other packages.  I remember one was the Tennis Channel and another was GOL TV.  I can't remember the others.  I believe Tennis Channel is now in the Ultimate Tier.  I don't believe it is part of Sports Pass.  I can't remember what happened to GOL TV.

Contributor nanlmille
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Registered: ‎09-05-2011
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This is an update to my earlier post.  After I posted, I checked the Verizon website and found that Tennis Channel was listed as part of the Extreme HD package for my zip code (21046).  While on the site, the "Chat with an agent" popped up and I engaged that person in a discussion of my situation.  When I pointed out that the website said the TC was in the Extreme package, he went away to look things up and came back and said all I needed to do was to "re-enlist' (my term) in the Extreme HD plan to get  TC back. HOWEVER, when I told him I had already ordered the Ultimate plan, he backed off immediately and said he could be of no further assistance!  So I called the Customer Service line and spoke to an agent, who also went away and checked.  He offered me a re-enlistment for 2 years in the Extreme HD, including TC.  And so I took it!  The whole thing is baffling. 

Contributor GigEm91
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Registered: ‎05-12-2013
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I feel bad admitting it- but I'm encouraged to see others are as frustrated as I am. When I started with FIOS, it was $99/month for a bundled plan with TV, internet and phone. I had 3 boxes and paid roughly $135/month total. Fast forward a few years and now I have but one HD DVR box, same TV package and pay $195/month. Two years ago Verizon played games with the Tennis Channel- right before the US Open. Now, just before the French Open kicks into high gear, again it's gone. I received no notification. Funny how on 4/4 I got an email that ESPN Classic and Goal Line were gone. No email on Tennis Channel. Verizon just encouraged me to switch to DirecTV or pursue any other options. For $44.99/month, I can get 225 channels, programming in 4 rooms, the Genie multi-room DVR, and either a $200 Costco gift card, or 25,00 AA miles if I join from American's link. Tennis channel is included in their lineup. I'd like to do anything I can to share the story- and would welcome the opportunity to thank whoever at Verizon is responsible for making the change to the TV package. It looks like their decision will save me a nice chunk of money each month. I'm also enjoying the FREE over the air HD antenna in my attic for network channels. Anyone have a good story to share about alternatives? Internet TV, etc?
Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Registered: ‎06-24-2010
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Yup, I'll share this one with you. Switched to Directv three months ago because of a great offer and just last week decided to pay the ETF to get out of my contract early and come back to FiOS. Have fun with the slow DVR, even slower clients, hidden charges and loss of signal at what was always the most crucial time for me. Grass not always greener is the story I can share. (And you'll still be paying FiOS a minimum $79 a month for internet and digital voice if you keep them for those services.)

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Registered: ‎12-14-2008
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I signed up for FiOS in 2007. I only had 30/5 internet, home phone and much fewer HD channels.

Now in 2013 I'm on the 150/35 internet tier, the Ultimate HD tier, home phone, and cellular(with unlimited data). And my bill is only a little higher than it was in 2007 when I only had three services on my bill. I'm getting more HD channels, much, much faster internet, home phone service, plus my cellular service is also on my bill. Back in 2007 those four services cost me over $300. Now it's only around $240 after taxes and I get much, much more than I used to.  


When I used to be on DirecTV, it cost $120 a month just for TV service. And even now if I switched to Comacst, they would charge me more than I'm paying now for home phone, TV, and internet. And my speeds would be slower and the Tv channels would look losuy since Comcast over compresses them in my area.

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