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The Blaze TV

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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@JANETE wrote:

I'm giving FIOS a month to add the blaze then I am moving to DISH and the hopper!

You might as well switch as its exclusive to Dish. Well there are currently 4 independant cable providers I've never heard of that have it to, but Dish is the only major carrier.
Have fun with Dish and their signal always going out. They sucked.

Contributor Inferno313
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Optimum also has The Blaze. Everyone carries it but FIOS! Not happy, Might just go back to Optimum soon! Also FIOS isn't as cheap as they said they were!

Contributor Czar
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I am a fios customer and would like to watch the blaze network. If Verizon has no plans to carry the blaze then I might just have to switch back to optimum.
Silver Contributor I
Silver Contributor I
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I'd like to see the demographic breakdown of Verizon FiOS TV subscribers. I'll bet the majority are average, middle-aged Americans affluent enough to afford paying Verizon's exhoberant cable TV fees.


Verizon, sell us the services we want; offer The Blaze TV.


Contributor NYNYNY
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Get the Blaze TV network on FIOS. A network that stress the Truth.
Contributor FiosinFL
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Your response is not wholly accurate.  You can check here for the latest.





The Blaze has gathered an excellent staff and they are producing high quality content which would only be a benefit to all the subscribers.  Seriously Fios put Al Jazeera in the line up...the bastion of hate is ok but the pillar of truth isn't good enough.


For those out here slamming Glenn Beck, you really don't know who the man is.  This letter to Gov. Cuomo pretty much spells it out for those that might actually have an open mind.




We pay a lot ot Verizon every month and we deserve to get as much high quality entertainment as we can get.


Contributor FiosinFL
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Contributor bilary
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I also want Glenn Beck's The Blaze TV.

When can we expect it to be on the channel line-up?

The sooner the better.  I have so many friends on Cablevison and TWCable who will immediatly switch to Verizon FiOS the minute you offer that channel.  If you need room, then dump Al-Jazeera, who watches it anyway?


Copper Contributor Bobdee
Copper Contributor
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What does it take to get the Blaze.  I have hundreds of channels that I never look at and I'm sure a lot of them get low viewership numbers. Cablevision has added it . What is the method to get a response from Verizon?

Contributor Gman2K8
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I pay good money to subscribe to the Internet version of the BLAZE TV. Verizon would GAIN subscribers if they pick up the BLAZE news channel before Time Warner and other Cable providers do.  If they wait, they will no doubt loose out to Time Warner and Currently ...Dish Network, which already carries The Blaze!  

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