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The Weather Channel

Contributor FLOJO
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Lord, yes! I have a tv upstairs and the only thing I ever use it for is to watch the weather channerl. So, imagine my distress and dismay this morning when I turned it on and there was Accuweather!  I've been offered a cracker to eat when I'm used to a full, rich, satisfying meal.


Get that contract signed and bring back my weather channel. The "replacement" is less than useless to me and I will not be watching anything at all on that television. It will sit and collect dust.


Now, downstairs, my dh can continue to watch the channels he enjoys but he will also suffer the loss of  the best programming on the air.



Contributor Weatherbeaten
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Registered: ‎03-10-2015
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Contributor DEW21
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I want the weather channel back it's the reason I renewed my contract. Accu weather sound is bad.

Contributor LouandJudi
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To be quite frank we've put up with a lot of minor inconveniences with this service but due to the pricing we learned to endure. Now, however, we are Strongly considering returning to Cox. Stripping us of the weather channel we so enjoyed is most likely our last straw. If nothing happens in a couple of days, we're history!

Contributor oKJOVA
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Accuweather is no substitution for the iconic and very much better The Weather Channel.   Dubious reasoning for not being there at 119 suddenly along with the local radar on 49.  We look at those channels close to every day and during an actual weather event (see: climate change) I will only know the conditions in Islip, NY (no offense) via the "accuweather" channel.  Where will Cantore be?  I sadly won't know.  BRING BACK THE WEATHER CHANNEL.    What's next to go Verizon?  the CSPAN channels? 

Contributor winniethepooh3
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I am so disappointed that Verizon did not choose to renew the Weather Channel, I  view this channel daily.  If it is not reinstated I will change service providers.  Between the constant raising of rates and the loss of channels, it's no longer worth it.  

Copper Contributor steve_o_2
Copper Contributor
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Here's the corporate address, I'm faxing them a hot letter today!Smiley Mad

 There was no email given.


Verizon Corporate HQ


140 West St.


New York, NY 10007





Contributor tutti11596
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This is ridiculous. Sending out an e-mail on the day of service change is not an appropriate way to notify people. I've had TWC on Cable for almost 30 years, and I want it back. I watch it all the time, and learned a great deal about weather over the years.

I don't know if I can, but I would like to get out of my contract with FtOS.

Anyone out there know who we can e-mail at FIOS Corporate about this?

Contributor exdejesus
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Registered: ‎03-10-2015
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What happened to Weatherscan? Why isn't it available any more?

Contributor NanaJ
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Seriously Fios? TWC is a staple and watch it daily to stay up with weather where my family lives. There is no substitute for it.. PLEASE RECONSIDER. I don't think you realize how many people watch it and rely on it. I live in Florida and during hurrican seaon it is invaluable. DON'T REPLACE THE WEATHER CHANNEL, PLEASE!


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