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The Weather Channel

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Re: The Weather Channel

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I am not aware that most of the foreign language channels were available without an extra fee.

Especially non Spanish channels.

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Re: The Weather Channel

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I totally agree with you !!  Zowar1363  I have been complaining about the non-English channels for years to either have subtitled or delete them from my package

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Re: The Weather Channel

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Hi folks,


Please keep the subject of your posts in this thread related to the Weather Channel.  If you wish to discuss other programming, please start a new thread.

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Re: The Weather Channel

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Accuweather is terrible. They are reading off a promptor and drone about the weather. There is no analysis, education component, or programming like on the weather channel. I rely on the weather channel exclusively to plan my day . With all the crazy weather we have been experiencing, the weather channel is essential to keep us safe. I want the weather channel back!!  Nothing compares to the programming they supply to Verizon customers. Verizon customers deserve the best programming possible based on the money we spend. If verizon wants to be the best they need to provide  the best programs .I want the WEATHER CHANNEL back asap!!

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The Weather Channel

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I WANT THE WEATHER CHANNEL BACK!!!!.  Accuweather is an absolute JOKE!!  The other option offered is the Weather Widget which is more than useless. all it does is tell me about the current weather.  I can get the same info by looking out my window.


This is the second time Verizon has stopped airing one of the FEW stations I watch.  Can't think why we should have to pay for channels we never watch!!  Perhaps we  should all contact our Congress person and complain about the outrageous practices of our cable providers


When channels are removed from the line-up subscribers should be given a discount.  They certainly charge enough. 


I will not be staying with Verizon. 




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Lousy local weather on Accuweather, bring back the Weather Channel

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I have been sitting in front of accuweather for 40 minutes now waiting for the local weather, I have seen cities all across the US but not the Boston area, oops it just popped up and I missed it, it is only there for about 20 seconds and I looked up from my screen and missed it.  I like to hear and see the weather not just read it.

   Bring back the Weather Channel, it was not just the weather but the local feeds during blizzards and major storms also the extra content like Prospectors.

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Please bring back The Weather Channel as Accuweather is inadequate.  The key feature of having verbal, local weather every 10 minutes is sorely missed.  We have given up trying to figure out timing for a local forecast and don't have time to sit and watch TV just to get it.  While we don't miss the reality programming consuming more of TWC's programming, we knew there'd be a local forecast in there if needed.  Please work out a deal with TWC

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Re: The Weather Channel

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They should bring the weather channel back I used it for all the winter storms this year.

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Copper Contributor
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Don't bother with the Weather Channel

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The Weather Channel - don't bother bringing it back. It is misnamed. More properly, it should be called "The Commercials Channel". I stopped using it years ago because it became unwatchable ... especially as one observes commercials streaming end-on-end while at the same time recognizing the main content of their network - the weather - is essentially free. No Hollywood stars, no scripts, no writers. Talk about gouging.


Weather Scan - on the other hand - was far more useful, especially with up-to-the-minute radar imaging. I relied on that quite a bit.


AccuWeather is not very good. I use it only because I have no choice. VZ should be embarrassed to beat this drum so loudly as it makes VZ look like it is enamored with mediocrity. But, I suppose, a day may come when it will be critically important for me to sit and wait for the "scroll" to come around so I will know what the temperature will be at 7 PM in LA.

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Bronze Contributor II
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Re: Don't bother with the Weather Channel

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Iam with you on that post, TWC has got to inflated with programs, commercials, etc.


I watch weathernation if I need to know about the weather and there are so many other ways to get info on the weather. TWC has got to big and money hungry is to why they run all those programs and commericals. I DONT MISS TWC AT ALL.

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