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The Weather Channel

Contributor NTXDFW
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Registered: ‎09-11-2012
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The Weather Channel sucks and has for many years.  Since NBC took it over it has gotten progressively worse.  I don't miss it, anyone who knows weather doesn't miss it.  Unless you live on the east coast or the northeast it has been an irrelevant channel for years.  Cry all you want, go get your weather from better sources on the internet.  Accuweather sucks too, again unless you live on the east coast or in the northeast, then it is built just for you.  Boo-hoo Weather Channel and the folks who just can't seem live without it.  Had I not received the email saying it was gone, I wouldn't have known it because I never watched it. 

Copper Contributor mbrkelley
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎01-15-2012
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There are a LOT of folks who live on the East Coast and in the Northeast who depend on accurate, up-to-date weather to keep them informed when severe weather is in the area - and don't forget all those in the Midwest with tornado season already underway!  Accuweather doesn't provide any local weather for our area (Mid-Atlantic East Coast), and the Weatherbug is less than useless . . . no live radar in motion - just a static picture that isn't up to date and with weird colors.  If you didn't like TWC and Weatherscan, you had the choice to NOT watch it . . . just like I choose not to watch HSN or other channels on FiOS that don't interest me.  For those of us who live in areas that get severe weather like hurricanes and tornadoes, accurate weather and radar are essential.  Verizon needs to bring these two channel back or they'll lose a lot of customers (they already have, according to these posts).  Losing customers will cost Verizon a lot more than $.14 per household.  BRING THEM BACK, VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!


Contributor hardwurkindaddy
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Registered: ‎04-09-2015
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I can't STAND Accuweather...It's just another dead channel in my lineup I don't use! BRING BACK MY WEATHER CHANNEL! I'm a truck driver and have used both The Weather Channel ave Accuweather over the years, and Accuweather falls short so often I think maybe they get their news from TWC...lol...stop screwing around for tiny amounts of money and just make your customers happy Verizon!
Contributor builderturf
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I received the formatted, bulk Dear Customer letter from Verizon trying to explain why The Weather Channel was removed from the FIOS lineup. Not logical. The explanation seemed to suggest that The Weather Channel was no longer a viable or useful service. People, the letter stated, are getting their weather information from other sources, i.e., perhaps their cell phone. Logic breakdown. If folks are getting their weather information from alternate sources, swapping The Weather Channel for Accuweather is purely illogical. Your letter stated so. Remember, other sources. Not the same Channels 119 and 619. Plus I watched Accuweather the first morning after the switch. Graphics: awful. Sound: Worse than awful. Content: Compare kindergarten(Accuweather) to PHD(The Weather Channel). Get over whatever needs to be gotten over. Work out the differences. Get The Weather Channel back on the lineup in its rightful place.

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Just flipped by Accuweather channel.
They had live coverage of the severe storms going on.

So they have started to up their game already.

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Contributor Vbob
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Registered: ‎03-31-2015
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Once again, severe weather to our west and we can only get snippets of info on national news stations. Missing my "on location" reports from The Weather Channel. So wrong that big business Verizon gets to make this decision without my input. But at least I do get to provide input when I leave Verizon (phone, internet, tv) on May 1st if TWC is not back in the line up.

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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hey verizon, why don't you just carry both  weather channel and accuweather?

Contributor charlesbwatson
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Registered: ‎04-10-2015
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Hopefully someone is listening!  The Weather Channel is the best weather station in the United States.  The removal of the Weather Channel from  Fios was an aweful mistake.  If you hear the voices of your customers please don't  turn a deaf ear and assume you know better their needs.  I watched the weather channel whenever i turned on my televison and the professional staff with Jim Cantore and all the other profsssional staff have  been like family over the years.  When "Jim" is doing  a report you better pay attention!  Every cable company I have ever subscribed to have carried the Weather Channel and when I came to Verizon Fios the Weather Channel was there!  Verizon says it's the best station out there, well come on  Fios bring back the best weather station out there, the Weather Channel, be a hero to faithful customers, listen to their voices.!

Contributor karateJJ
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I totally agree... just sad a significant weather event roll thru my area and accuweather was useless.....  I rely on the Weather Channel for my profession and my home to safeguard property.   Weather apps are ok but don't give a total pictur of what is happening when something major happens.   BRING BACK THE WEATHER CHANNEL.... NOW

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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See the thread I started that linked to article regarding channels and cable companies.

Lots of content providers are struggling with lower ratings and starting alternate access to their content.

And besides the per customer charge (the $.14 quoted for TWC) there are fixed costs as well for the cable companies (connecting to content, internal content delivery, etc). So each provider has to weigh the costs associated with content and its value to customers.

If the TWC deal would have caused an increase in the price we had to pay, how much more would people have been willing to pay? This question is going to be more commonplace as time moves on.

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