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The Weather Channel

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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With the potential hurricance affecting much of the East Coast this weekend would be nice to be able to watch the Weather Channel to keep up with things not to mention Winter right around the corner and the storm coverage they provide there.   



Contributor jbeard
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When are we going to get the Weather Channel back? Guess we are going to have to go back with Comcast

Contributor szs51ham
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Hurricane Joaquin is heading toward NJ and accuweather does not provide adequate coverage.  It is time to bring back the Weather Channel.  After over 100 pages of posts, I would expect Verizon to take note of their customers and bring it back.  I am extremely disappointed by your inability to support your customers and will be switching to a competitor at the end of the year who does carry TWC.  Verizon, you cannot offer a "Customized TV Plan" when your customers cannot get the channels they want and need to watch.  The Weather Channel provides critical information for our safety and to be the only providee who does not carry it is ridiculous.  You are supposed to be the top provider in the nation.  Accuweather really does suck.  #bringbacktwc

Contributor szs51ham
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Fully agree!  We are also about ready to cut our cord with Verizon.  They can either bring it back by the end of this year and end their little experiment, or we will be heading over to Comcast.  Hopefully they lose enough money to really feel it if we all move over to the competitors.

Contributor jessicakrall8
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Completely agree!!!  AccuWeather has horrible coverage.  Living in a Hurricane zone with the latest storm about to hit, other than the half hour of local news, I have zero coverage of a storm coming right through coastal Virginia.  I would gladly pay a monthly add on fee to have the Weather Channel's excellent coverage.  I miss Jim Cantori and the other wonderful meteorologists who really took the time to bring us excellent live coverage, stories and weather education.  I even watched some of the other shows which were very interesting.  It was the only channel I watched EVERY DAY.  When my contract runs out, I will be switching to Cox or another provider which has my weather channel.  Verizon you really dropped the ball on this one and gave your loyal customers of over ten years, like me, no option at all.  It's a true shame that you disrespect us so much.

Jessica Krall

Chesapeake, VA

Copper Contributor Phoenix46
Copper Contributor
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So here we are again, under threat of severe weather - this time a hurricane coming straight up the Chesapeake Bay ala Hurricane Isabel - and no Weatherscan/Weather Channel to flip to for quick updates. Verizon, do you even give a **bleep**?? Or maybe your silence is all the answer we need.

Copper Contributor smtenney
Copper Contributor
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I also agree. I will likely leave Fios when the time comes if TWC is not returned. Accuweather doesn't come close and now with a hurricane headed towards the eastern seaboard we need the detailed coverage TWC provides. Verizon, this has become an unthinkable position.
Contributor NJgurl
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I am so upset by the Weather Channel being dropped!!! I came back to FIOS and now this is how they treat their customers by having  less than superior channels. This new one is a joke!! As soon as I make my mind up as to who will be replacing FIOS I will be canceling my service. I will also report to the BBB that they promised a channel and replaced it with a lower grade channel. WAKE UP VERIZON your not the only game in the ballpark!! You offer below average channels and your customers will leave for the better ones.

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Contract allows them to add and delete channels at any time.


And given the fact that TWC is making substantial changes to their programming, it appears that more than Verizon has been complaining (IMHO).

I also heard that more regional infomartion should be coming available from Accuweather in the next month or two.

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Contributor FLWeatherGirl
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I was annoyed whenTWC was removed from programming. Now, with Hurricane Joaquin heading towards the East Coast of the US, I decided it was time to express my opinion.


I wonder has anyone ever considered how many lives TWC has saved or kept out of harms way?


Growing up in Florida I know how critical it is to have access to up to date weather information. TWC has been the best source of access to the National Weather Service and NOAA resouces with the National Hurricane Center.


Frankly, the Accuweather channel is useless.  It provides no value. I've tuned in a couple of times just to see if maybe I was missing something.  I get better information off my phone or listening to my local radio station's weather reports.


TWC provides a valuable public service. 


Verizon - shame on you for endangering your customers!!!


Bring back TWC!!!





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