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The Weather Channel

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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You are responsible for you and your family's safety NOT VERIZON so there is no way Verizon is endangering customers. Its not up to them its up you to as there is so many roads to get info, BOTTOM LINE.


Iam glad TWC is gone, TWC got to big for thier pants and was getting more and more programs that took away weather reporting.

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Verizon offers absolutely no help on this subject.  Definitely moving my service.  Customer service agent basically acted like she didn't care if the company lost my business.  Offered me a $4.99 credit.  That was a slap in the face.  Verizon I'm done with you.

Copper Contributor jimsie
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Copper Contributor sirkan
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It's been a few months since I last posted in this thread, so I  thought I'd try another futile attempt to get Verizon to bring back The Weather Channel. Verizon made its business decision and I respect that. I disagree with it, but it's their decision to make as a company. When my contract is up, I'll voice my displeasure by taking my business elsewhere.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I don't understand what the big deal is. I can get my weather forecast on at least a dozen other channels on tv. I can get my forecast on the radio. i can get my forecast on my computer and tablet. So many places to get the weather.

Copper Contributor mbrkelley
Copper Contributor
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You're really lucky to have 12 different weather stations on your Verizon TV service!  Those of us in Virginia with FiOS lost the only reliable weather service we had when they cancelled Weatherscan/The Weather Channel and replaced them with the utterly useless Accu-weather.  We're lucky if we happen to see our local weather and radar at all . . . sometimes we have to wait 30 minutes to see it, if at all.  Otherwise, the only radar we can see is a static radar picture that is not current.  We checked once when there were storms in our area; Accu-weather's picture showed the rain still well northwest of us, even while it was pouring outside.  Also, not everyone has smart phones and/or computers.  We don't miss TWC, but their Weatherscan radar was really great, and we used it several times a day.



Copper Contributor mbrkelley
Copper Contributor
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Our contract is up in February 2016, and we're seriously considering our options.  Verizon has already been sending us letters and emails offering us deals to renew early for another two years.  So far what they're offering isn't worth signing up for another two-year contract.  

Copper Contributor mbrkelley
Copper Contributor
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You must be a Verizon employee because all your posts are pro-Verizon. 

Contributor Wildelephant
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As a Texas subscriber, I could care less about northeast weather.  I want local weather, alerts, etc.


Accu Weather offers none of this.  In the DFW area we have had major weather factors affect us this year.  Record rain, drought and now record rain.


At least the Weather channel kept us informed with current weather and local alerts.


Verizon, I know you are selling off your FIOS system by the first of the year.  In the mean time, take action and provide a reasonable service

Contributor KYak
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I am one of many that agree that the AccuWeather station is a very poor substute for The Weather Channel.  I spend time ou of state and have The weather Channel in PA.  It gave me confidence in what wa happening to my area while I was away. In addition, it shows the true local weather.  It is a shame that Verizon has gone so "cheaply" when we are paying the bill.

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