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The Weather Channel

Contributor GMT
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Registered: ‎09-09-2017
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I concur. The difference between the two, particularly during a weather emergency, is stark. Accuweather may be sufficient for answering the question of whether or not I need an umbrella going out the door, it fails during severe weather. Verizon needs to get over itself. And no, the years ago suggestion that everyone gets their info from wireless devices so it is okay that they dropped the channel, it isn't a legitimate excuse for not carrying what is the generally accepts best weather channel available.

Contributor DonaldE
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Registered: ‎09-09-2017
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TWC is the best in coverage of hurricanes...... Accuweather is pathetic with a capital P............... Please give us back TWC....... BUT I guess it does not matter to Verizon corporate as I have yet to see a single post about how Accuweather is loved over TWC..... BUT many posts begging Verizon to bring back TWC....... guess it's falling on deaf ears and Verizon could care less.

Copper Contributor JoeCoolOBX
Copper Contributor
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No one from Verizon reads these!  FYI all, currently you can stream the Weather Channel Live on the Weather Channel App!

Contributor mariea
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Bring back The Weather Channel! AccuWeather is inadequate/unsatisfactory/abominable in its reporting of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. These storms are real news which requires realtime reporting, not just a suit standing in front of a map. I have resorted to watching The Weather Cannel's website and  cable news channels to follow and get updates for these stormes.  I cannot express in words the frustration I feel with this channel. Suggestion: remove AccuWeather from your programing guide...no one is watching.

Contributor eddiegny
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Registered: ‎03-10-2015
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With increasingly severe storms becoming part of our reality , (Harvey...Irma most recently) it is shortsighted of Verizon Fios in dropping The Weather Channel a few years ago. Totally agree that Accuweather is only good for telling me if I need an umbrella when I head out to work..Actually, I just listen to the radio to find that out.


I am now watching The Weather Channel through another cable provider...Are you listening Verizon?.. you are losing revenue.!  .maybe that will open your ears. 

Contributor customer0975634
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Another poke on this thread begging Verizon to please BRING BACK THE WEATHER CHANNEL.


Accuweather is terrible at storm coverage.


As a subscriber for years now, I moved to Verizon when it still offered TWC. If I had known they were going to ditch the channel, that would have made a significant impact on my switch.


Seriously considering switching away from Verizon; It's been years now and they are not listening.

Contributor TVAddict
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The coverage for Hurricane Irma reinforces just how much of a joke the Accuweather Channel is compared to The Weather Channel.  Note to Verizon Fios management: BRING BACK THE WEATHER CHANNEL!!! 
And by the way . . . yes I watch (CORRECTION: "WATCHED") The Weather Channel for far more than storm coverage. Their science programming is outstanding.
Contributor pdavis
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I really miss the Weather Channel.  Watching it on the web is not the same.


AccuWeather is a very poor substitute and is way too full.


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Contributor Bluges
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Registered: ‎09-11-2017
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AccuWeather Network sucks and is barely passable and mostly not watchable. For a network as formidable as Fios, you are deisservicing your customers by not using the Weather Channel. No, people are not usinf other means. Service your customers correctly-get Weather Channel. Hurricane coverage needs to be carried on Weather Channel.  Quit using this horrible horrible AccuWeather Network. Verizon, you can do much, much better. Pay up for the Weather Channel. Your paying customers derverve it. You are totally petty by not carrying!!!! 

Contributor NurseJ1
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Registered: ‎09-12-2017
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Verizon seriously needs to bring back the Weather Channel. Verizon has a big talk game about being the best this and the best that. Bring back the Weather Channel, something that actually benefits people. 

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