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The right time to add MSNBC HD

The right time to add MSNBC HD

Nickel Contributor
Location: Springfield NJ
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I watch MSNBC all the time, and would like the HD feed.  Now is the time to do it before the Olympics starts, so that FIOS will carry all Olympic coverage is in HD.  It would be a sad state for FIOS not to offer all the Olympics in HD format.  I know that issue with Cablevision, but most of the country has MSNBC, so please, now is the time to add it in time for the Olympics.  Thanks.

Silver Contributor IV
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Verizon will not carry MSNBC HD until MSNBC releases the SD channel to the NY market, which being being held hostage by Cablevision.

Bronze Contributor II
Location: MA
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There's nothing Verizon can do about it. Like matcarl said, Cablevision is holding the channel hostage.

Platinum Contributor I
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Apparently VZ got the rights and is going to start making it available in february.  awesome!

Silver Contributor IV
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Yup, just got the news myself, starting in early Feb.

Nickel Contributor
Location: Springfield NJ
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I am happy that Verizon is adding the service.  I heard from several customer service reps that it was on the way.  YAY!

Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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MSNBC will be available to Fios customers in NY (vho5) and in NJ (vho's 7&8) in the beginning of Feb, before the start of the Winter Olympics.

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Silver Contributor I
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Indeed.  It will be February 2 for NY and Feb 11 for NJ.  Just keep in mind that this is for MSNBC standard...and NOT the HD channel.  Hopefully, that will follow soon.

Copper Contributor
Device: Alias 2
Location: Buffalo NY
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I believe it is actually February 9th in NY (and Feb 11th for NJ)

Silver Contributor II
Location: Richmond, VA
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