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.Tv Channels Being Dropped?

.Tv Channels Being Dropped?

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Silver Contributor II
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It looks like verizon may be getting rid of those .tv channels that no one likes. The .tv channels are missing their logos and from my experience with other channels that i know of that have been dropped in the past that is never a good sign for a channel if they are trying to remain on the fios guide. It is too much of a coincidence that entertainment studios.tv channel 558, cars.tv channel 599, pets.tv channel 633, recipe.tv channel 676, and comedy.tv channel 695 are all missing their logos. Channel 1002 espn 3d hd is also missing its logo and as everyone knows espn announced that the channel was going to be dropped real soon because the ratings simply did not justify the cost of the channel. The .tv channels have been there since 2009 and if they are about to be dropped in september then that makes sense since tv providers usually try to get their act together by then and start to add or drop channels that their customers want or would like removed. I was told two more were on the way but perhaps verizon finally woke up and realized that no one wanted the channels and that the addition of two more would send the wrong message that they do not care about what their customers want. We will find out real soon if these channels are about to be dropped and if so then there will be no more byron allen owned channels on the fios guide. Smiley Happy His channels will exist only on the at&t guide. Let's see if anyone starts a campaign to try to keep the channels on the verizon guide like they have with some other channels that have been dropped. I seriously doubt they will. This could mean there may be more hd channels on the way that people had not anticpated because it will free up a lot more space on the guide. Verizon needs to step up big time in this area because the competition like comcast and directv are adding more hd channels every month. Comcast just released a six tuner dvr called x1 and they are going to be releasing a new hd guide while verizon still has a 2 tuner dvr.

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Bronze Contributor II
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That would be outstanding!  The only .TV anyone I know has watched is Pets.TV, but it's a valid sacrifice to get rid of the rest and the incoming 2.  That said, the lack of logos is not quiet enough evidence for me to get giddy yet.  Also, all .TV channels were moved to MPEG-4 transmission recently, which could more likely why the logos are gone.



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To the OP, your conclusion about the .tv channels going away because there are missing logos is wishful thinking.   In VHO3 there have missing logos on a number of channels (mostly local, but some national) since IMG 1.9.4 rolled out in the area.  I reported it to the development team but nothing has been corrected, and the channels remain.  It's been three months since the logos disappeared.


Sorry to throw water on your hope, but I don't think your prediction will happen, in my opinion.


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Nickel Contributor
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Isn't FiOS supposed to be ADDING two more .TV channels? Not getting rid of them?

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What a silly theory. Channel logos go missing all the time in the FiOS guide.

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I was all excited when I saw this thread, then I read it.  Just because the logos are missing doesn't mean the channels are going.


One can only hope Verizon wakes up, does what it's paying subscibers want and drop these .tv wastes of QAM space channels and actually adds the HD channes we paying  subscribers want!!!

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Platinum Contributor III
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Not only are they not dropped, one of the few channels that Verizon specifically added mentioned as going to be added is another .tv station.

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