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Univision in HD

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When is Verizon planning to offer UNIVISION, TELEFUTURA and TELEMUNDO in High Definition? All three stations are available in HD, but Verizon carrries them on Standard Definition. Why?

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Verizon is saying (via Twitter) that Univision HD will be rolled out at different times in each market. An agreement to launch Univision HD makes me believe that the other two will also eventually be launched in HD. Just don't ever ask when, because Verizon is not going to tell.

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UNIVISION HD Has been on for a while here in southeast pa. Please don't take this the wrong way, but my personal opinion is before we go adding spanish hd chanels, we should put the english ones people have been asking for months like bbc, nasa, fsc , rsn 2s  suxch as nesn masn etc.You're the first post for a spanish hd channel. Verizon should expand its capacity  in the future so that shouldn't be an issue, but for now space is and they should go with highest demand first, but if these channels in hd are free or low cost to verizon, you never know how verizon thinks you may get them first before any others are added

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Univison just went live in the NY DMA.


Personally I don't care since I have almost never turned on this or the other Spanish channels.  But FIOS actually has almost no choice on whether to carry these stations even over some other popular Cable channels.  In most areas these are OTA stations and the rules pretty much require FIOS to carry them.

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Unfortunately, both channels are now also on in North NJ.

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Anyone know when Boston will be getting Univision in HD? I don't think Comcast has it yet.

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I was waiting at the customer lounge for a major car dealer getting my scheduled maintenance when I discovered that Univision was transmitting the world cup games in HD. Unfortunately, this was directTV and not FIOS Tampa. I can tell you everyone in the lounge was glued to the game regardless of race or ethnicity. What a great marketing gimmick would it have been if Verizon included HD in all its markets in time for the world cup. The Latin American market is a huge marketing channel in the US. Wake up Verizon !!!


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I think Comcast is supposed to be adding it within the next couple of weeks. Not sure about Verizon, though.

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I found them using the search features




and they have a FIFO world cup section.



bunch of HD stations came up,  I think it was 517, and 541.   not sure off the top of my head.

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