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Upcoming shows doesn't show HD channels

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Upcoming shows doesn't show HD channels

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Hi.  I just got FIOS installed yesterday, so please forgive me if this is something obvious.


When I navigate to a program in the guide, say, "College Basketball", then choose "upcoming shows", the list it gives me sometimes doesn't include the HD version of the program.  This is really annoying - if I want to go through and program the college basketball games I want to record, I have to find it using the search, then manually go find the HD station to record it.


I tested it with a few other programs and this seems to happen with programs that are shown a lot of times - as though it is searching numerically by channel and gives up after it finds a certain number of programs.


It isn't consistent, though.  I searched on Law & Order: special victims unit and it finds it on channel 50 (USA standard definition) today every hour from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm tonight, then tomorrow moring at 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM on channel 50, channel 550 (USA HD), and channel 1500 (also USA standard definition).  But even though the same program is on channels 550 and 1500 all day today, it doesn't show up in the list.  So if I want the episode that comes on at 10:00 tonight and want it in HD, I can't record it from the "upcoming shows" list.


There's a workaround that I can use the search by keyword to find the show and that works for shows that only come on a few channels, but there are about 30 different networks showing college basketball at some point over the next two weeks.  What I really want is a chronological list that includes the HD stations and will allow me to pick and choose what I want to record.


Is there any way I can get such a list?



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Employee Emeritus
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Re: Upcoming shows doesn't show HD channels

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Some ideas, none very convenient:


Set up favorites 1 or 2 with the channels you're interested in, then switch to these on the guide and browse.

Just select HD channels on guide and browse.


Check out listings.. show only sports then look at the HD channels. Can set up recordings from here if remote DVR is set up.

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Re: Upcoming shows doesn't show HD channels

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You can also try searching by team name instead of by sport. I have found that is the most efficient way of finding sports programming.

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Bronze Contributor II
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Re: Upcoming shows doesn't show HD channels

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My problem hasn't been solved, though.  FIOS has a multitude of channels not available on Cox, but that doesn't help me if I can't find the programming in some reasonable fashion.  There are several horrible inadequacies of this DVR that leave me scratching my head and wondering why it is used.  This is one of them.  Another is that you can't extend time of an in-progress show ... so if you are watching a sporting event and it looks like it may run long, you can't do anything about it.


Though the Verizon DVR is otherwise far and away better than what I had with my old service, these are two basic features that don't work.  It's kinda like buying a luxury car without a reverse gear - the functions of the luxury car are great, but missing something rather essential like that makes you have to seriously consider switching back.

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