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VOD Changes

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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On Facebook, a note from Verizon FIOS says the following:


Verizon FiOS We’ve made some improvements to our Video On Demand app based on your recommendations. Check it out, and keep the insights coming. Have you given it a try yet?


I'm not home so I have no idea what they are talking about.  Anyone see any changes to VOD?

Contributor mb123
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I dont like the new changes.  the navigation is slower and I have had issues with rented movies being cut off in the middle and then not being able to get back into them.

Contributor 8bitjeff
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It looks like we can now pause, ff, and rewind NBC and ABC OnDemand now (I haven't tried others). This is pretty cool.

Copper Contributor dlh
Copper Contributor
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I'm new to posting but my wife has a question she'd like help with. She is legally blind and has just enough sight to get through the VOD menu. We do not have DVR and it would be difficult fr her to work with. She asks:

Over time I have become somewhat addicted to certain TV shows.  Being able to watch them at an alternate time, because of schedule conflicts is an advantage.  I have a couple of issues with the current on-demand service.
1. CSI shows as being available on-demand, but, today is Wednesday and last Thursday's episode is still not available on-demand. It finally made it the next Thursday.
    It is available on HD on-demand, but we don't have that service because we don't have an HD TV.  In addition, I am legally blind and paying for extra visual features makes no logical sense.
2. I watched Monday's Chase episode on-demand, but near the end, it simply ended.  The screen went black and, after a few seconds, the menu appeared.  I'd really have liked to see the end of the episode.
3. There are series, like The Mentalist and Criminal Minds, that I would like to be able to watch on-demand.  Who, or what, determines which TV series are made available?  How can I make my wishes known?
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The new changes in On Demand are terrible, not user friendly - the existing version was much better and did now take so many steps to go to a different channel, also, once you get to the show and the information pops it is so small you can't read it----please go back to the prior set up much better

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As this thread is now over two years old, it will be locked in order to keep discussions current. If you have the same or a similar question/issue we invite you to start a new thread on the topic.

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