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VOD - When resuming show, it always begins from the beginning

VOD - When resuming show, it always begins from the beginning

Copper Contributor MRSullivan
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@ornahp wrote:

@Stavros wrote:

I've been having the same problem and am adding this reply in the hopes that more posts may lead to some information or assistance from a Verizon rep.

Just a friendly reminder, this is a forum where users help other users. It looks like your issue may require a Verizon representative to review your account details. Please contact our customer service team via live chat or email at: http://www22.verizon.com/content/contactus/

I continue to experience this problem.  This issue was reported 2 years ago!!!!  Can Verizon not listen to customers!  Does Verizon not have the ability to improve its service!


I do take exception to ORNAHP's response ... to call customer service.  This is a perfectly good forum to discuss the shortcomings of the VZN service, particularly when VZN is SO delinquent on repairing a horrible flaw.


I will be calling customer service to get my money back!


FYI, this only happens when the pause times out.

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It's a known bug with the VOD platform and is documented by VZ's engineers. There was supposed to be a fix coming in 2012, not sure if it was implemented, maybe just not enough people making noise about it to make it high priority.

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