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Verizon Removing Channels From My Plan

Verizon Removing Channels From My Plan

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Bronze Contributor I
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Ultimate subscribers do not get any new channels when a channel is removed like the Sony Movie Network. All other packages get added networks at their respective tier except the Ultimate tier.  Also networks such as TCM, El REY and American Heroes should be in HD and not SD.

Contributor davec411
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At a higher cost for what I was told where my choices.

How is this fair or right?

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Bronze Contributor II
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You never expected justice from a corporation did you? They have neither a soul to lose nor a body to kick.

Contributor JoJo27
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About 3 or 4 weeks ago Verizon Fios removed my AHC Channel. Only had it for a good 6 years or longer messege on tv sez you are not currently subsribed. Really? Been watching it for years. I was told by them that sometimes cable companies re arrange and bundle channel lineups. I can get it back with 20 dollars a month more in my Triple Play. Might just shop around for another provider.

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Bronze Contributor II
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The same thing happened to us. We were faithful viewers of the AMERICAN HERO CHANNEL and I wrote up to the same screen you did, "WE ARE NOT SUBSCRIBED TO THE AHC" and it was changed for us overnight while we were sleeping. This is the July 4 th Holiday and this is how VERIZON rewards their many faithful AMERICAN SERVICE VETERANS by removing the AMERICAN HERO CHANNEL we all had on our paid for plans. I have talked to men and women at my REHAB CENTER  who too are AMERICAN VETERANS. Last time we renewed we got HOME BOX for a year FREE, I DON'T NEED to WATCH HOME BOX. I have seen all those movies a dozen times before just give me what I am paying for the AHC. Verzion has that REWARDS program and you can get thousands of points for sending them new customers or contacts. I told them " WHY WOULD I RECOMMEND VERIZON WHEN YOU JUST TOOK MY FAVORITE CHANNEL OFF A PLAN I AM PAYING FOR AND OFFER IT FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE?" Like I said is this how they thank our AMERICAN VETERANS, it is like the Vietnam War and having some demonstrators spit on returning service personel from the war again.


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i am having a similar issue - i just signed up for a new (reduced) service after reviewing the published list of channels.  They made the switch and i got home to see that some of the channels that i was supposed to get were not available.  I double checked the list and, indeed, they were supposed to be included.  i am so completely disgusted...


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Platinum Contributor III
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Did you try support options in stb menus?

Or contacting support?

Might just be an activation error

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Contributor pxt
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Multiple channels pulled from FIOS lineup.  

Need to get bill adjusted accordingly.

Note: the channels pulled are still available on 'upper' costlier FIOS packages.

Customer Support can only offer more costly packages.

Need to speak with Verizon Customer Advocate Manager, or Verizon Consumer Account Relatiohship Manager.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Contributor Bobkeith33
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Verizon Executives please listen to your customers! You are on a collision course that will undermine your customer base to the point of disaster. Be warned, if you want to keep us (customers) please change your course quickly or you will be looking for another job very soon! You have been warned and hopefully you will comprehend what we are trying to tell you... or you will take responsibility for a disaster similar to Kodak, IBM, GE, do I need to keep going? Thank You

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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They don’t care. Verizon billing issues are common as shown in this thread alone. 


Guaranteed rates that aren’t guaranteed. Promised channels in a package are not on the package anymore. List goes on....


Yes, everyone does it.....don’t care as that doesn’t make it right nor should it stop someone from complaining about the ripoff.

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