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Verizon dropping AMC?

Contributor ydp
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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By the way, actors for these shows don't get paid crazy money like you're thinking. Most of The Walking Dead cast were relative unknowns. Their money will come later or in future seasons after renegotiations.

"Greedy actors" have little to do with this. Everyone makes a profit off of everyone else. That's how the world works. I wish more people understood business.


AMC has extremely marketable assets right now. So they can ask whatever the market will bear. I'm sure it's over and above any pressure from "greedy actors." And most of those actors would probably work that gig for free because of the exposure they're getting right now.

Copper Contributor FiOStech75
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Of course it has very little to do with the actors. People can have fits over this all they want, but Verizon is not solely at fault here. Millions of people would flip out if this was happening to Disney, MTV, Discovery,  HGTV, and they ALL demand more money whenever contracts expire. Did you know that $5 of your monthly bill goes to ESPN? ESPN charges all providers $5 a month for each subsciber ! Thats IN-sane. 


Bottom line is that Verizon, DirecTV, Comcast, whoever has to keep these stations in-check, or else we'd all be paying $300 a month for TV alone. 

Contributor Blapointe
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If Verizon drops AMC I absolutely will cancel my services: Triple Play (TV, landline phone, Internet) and cell phone services. I have been a loyal customer for several years. Try me in this, Verizon. I'm not making an idle threat to drop your business. I WILL drop it and tell everyone I know to do the same. AMC carries 3 of my favorite shows. I watch that channel every week.
Contributor NansBqz
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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Please keep AMC! I have always recommended Verizon and I have never had any issues until now. If Verizon cancels AMC we will be changing our TV, home phone, and internet provider. Our family watches all the AMC and IFC shows including Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, Portlandia, and Comedy Bang Bang, I can go on and on. DO NOT TAKE AMC FROM US!!!!

Contributor redwolf52973
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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I pay too much for u to get rid of amc
Contributor grimunza
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I dropped Direct tv to go to verizon fios because it was a better.deal and had the same great channels.
I love AMC it would definitely make me reduce my plan to basic basic cable if this channel goes!

Keep it!
Contributor Webbfamily
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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We will be canceling Verizon if they drop AMC.

Contributor SheriMetts
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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I'm really disappointed to hear that AMC could be dropped. I would definitely consider switching providers if this happens. I am a huge Walking Dead fan!!! Please do not make this mistake!!!!!!!
Contributor t4home
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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I've been a Verizond Fios client for over 6 years, I have the "bundle" and we pay dearly for it.  But in reality we don't mind paying it even thought I've considered dropping phone service since we don't use it at all. We have cell phones with Sprint. But we continue the service since we've been happy until this evening when we saw the message across our screen while watching "Walking Dead" one of our favorite show for the last 2 seasons among other shows.  Including We that I personally love as well.  If AMC is dropped I will drop Verizon in a heartbeat.  I am so angry, that I would do the switch right now.


I hope they reconsider and get these issues resolved.  I don't care what the issue is, just get it fixed.  We pay allot of money and we have no say on dropping anything so why is it VErizon can just drop channels without even considering us?  They won't reduce our bill will they?  Then how is it that they can just drop our favorite channels and still bill us whatever they want.  This is unfair.  I was so proud of Verizon Fios and when Dish had their issues I kept priding myself thinking we didn't have to worry since we had Verizon Fios.  And now you turn on us.  Please Keep AMC......


Contributor HOLLYY
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I really can't even believe this is being considered. This is the best channel they have and we agreed to it when we pay you every month! I will be forced to change carriers and walking dead is the best show on TV and my family looks forward to it weekly!! A big carrier like verizon, SHAME ON U!!

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