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Verizon dropping AMC?

Contributor mrusso
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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please dont drop amc

Contributor Freddiejay
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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I love AMC I like the walking dead and the movies on that channel, I would seriously consider moving to a different subscriber if I couldn't watch this channel

Contributor crissstina12
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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KEEP AMC! if verizon takes off amc i WILL FOR SURE be on the list of dropping verizon for another service.


cannott take the walking dead from me! Smiley Happy


KEEPP AMC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contributor fred2326
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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I think its safe to say a lot of ppl are upset by that I just hope we all send them a msg on they email I know I did. But I agree 100 if verizon drop AMC I'm looking for a new provider I mean its not like if they don't have the money to pay for the channel.
Contributor Luthane
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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AMC is an essential in my house, too.


I hope a verizon rep will post a reply in this forum to tell us what's going on.


If not, all the new cancellations should at least keep the techs busy yanking residential equipment for a while . . .

Contributor ftpolkmp
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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I see all this craziness about people saying they are going to drop Verizon if they lose AMC. I am wondering how many of you are willing to pay more to keep AMC because that is what the story is all about. AMC is using propaganda to get you to call Verizon but if you notice on their website there is no where for you to discuss this with them and see how much of it is their fault. What if Verizon turns around and makes you pay extra for the chanel like they do with HBO. Are you willing to pay $10 to $20 more on your payment for AMC? That may not be how much more you are going to pay but gaurenteed it will be more as Verizon will pass the cost on to us. Me, I love the walking dead but if it means I have to pay any more on my bill, I'll find a way to do with out it. Curious if anyone is willing to let their bill go higher for AMC and how much more are you willing to pay?

Copper Contributor Asestria
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-10-2012
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If verizon drops AMC, then I'm going to deduct $10.00 "every" month from my monthly bills.

Contributor twichtowski
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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I agree, first off I pay a monthly bill that AMC was included in as part of the my channel line up and payment so that would mean Verizon would have to lower my bill then right? Since they are taking one of MY subscribed channels away without my consent. Secondly, I watch several shows on AMC and movies and if verizon chooses to loose AMC they will also loose me as a customer and I would rather not do that but this will be the second time ive lost a channel out of my line up with no reimbursment on my account or a channel to replace it so I feel wronged by my tv provider and will discontinue service if I loose another channel so KEEP AMC or loose loyal customers.....

Contributor papamagicman
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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YOU STATED: You scream at Verizon when/ if they lose a channel, Verizon has to pay them more money, and your bill goes up. Then you **bleep** at WHO? Verizon.



We as customers entered into an agreement  for a set price with verizon FIOS under the terms for our channel line up..  if AMC CBS OR TNN lol. were to ask for more money that cost does not go to the customer. that problem LIES with Verizon FIOS. you signed into an agreement with us and as the customer we could care less how much verizon has to spend per station. thats your problem. when you go into an agreement with a car dealership for a lease on a new car you dont see them saying Im sorry but the XM radio you were to get for free for 5 years well we have to drop XM because they are asking for too much. nope the dealership sucks it up and pays the fee. your a funny one.

Contributor Matt408
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Registered: ‎11-25-2012
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Between my phone,internet and TV I pay about 240.00 /month. I think they can afford to keep the channel. I think AMC is the only non pay channel that is the most innovative with its programming. I told comcast when I switched that Verizon was a better service. I don't know with this move. I will definitely switch back to Comcast if this channel is not offered.

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