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Verizon dropping WUSA9 on Dec 31

Verizon dropping WUSA9 on Dec 31

Contributor csvary
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Registered: ‎12-31-2018
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Awful decision by Verizon. I thought nothing would ever bring me back to Comcast, but this is it. I also had a delightful conversation with "CKM" via their Facebook option and was relegated to peon status with all of the terse responses I received. That desperate for a .003% profit margin maintenance, are we Verizon?

Contributor Jjohnson241
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Yes, I'm more than concerned. In fact I'm angry. I'm a long time FIOS customer for TV, internet and phone. I pay what I consider to be a premium for those services that should include local CBS programming. I appreciate attempts to manage the cost of licensing access to programming but I do not accept the premise that increases in those costs would be passed automatically to FIOS customers particularly since I've seen Verizon discount FIOS service repeatedly in various promotional offers. 

CBS programming is immensely popular during NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. What are you thinking Verizon? 

Reach an agreement or lose another long term customer.

Contributor willowcat
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Registered: ‎12-31-2018
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I have lived in the Washington, DC area all my life and since I have had cable I never have seen anything like this before.  What the **** is wrong with you people, Verizon if you don't want a mass exodus then come to an agreement quickly with  WUSA  to continue to carry WUSA9 channels on your cable company.  This is why I liked free TV before the over the air crap came to be.  WUSA9 is pretty much the only channel where most of my viewing time is spent.  If Verizon and WUSA9 can't come to an agreement, I will be forced to sign with another company, and it might be cheaper for me to do that.

Contributor venting101
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Verizon makes over a BILLION per MONTH in profit.  Very greedy and it is unacceptable to me that a "local" station will now cost as much as a premium movie channel.  I'll give them a week to straighten this out or I'll go to DTV or Comcast. 


Contributor Dissatisfied3
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I am very dissappointed with Verizon with their decision to cancel WSUA (CBS affilitate in the D.C. area). Verizons is a multi-billion dollar corporation with plenty of resources to be able to strike a deal. I spoke with a Verizon representative and asked if my premium will be reduced. He indicated that "because Verizon values me as a customer," they will give me a one-time $5.99 discount. Coincidentally, that's what an App to stream CBS costs per month. So, Verizon will save the money that was paying CBS (or its parent company) and will not pass that savings to its customer. So unfair. I will switch to another cable provider as soon as I can.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Our contract is up next April.  We were considering renewing but will look elsewhere now. Losing local channels is ridiculous for the price we pay. 

Contributor jricharc
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Is there a way out of a contract early due to these circumstances?  This is rediculous.

Silver Contributor V Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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Information about the channels are available at verizon.com/tegna

Affected Channels:
WVEC (ABC Norfolk)


WGRZ (NBC Buffalo)

Contributor Poolecr
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This is not nice and not giving us notification. 

Contributor mirichm1
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What is Verizon doing to compensate your customers?  I sat down to watch the Dick Clark New Year Eve show and ABC is not on the air.  I see your statement to use an antenna.  I dont own an antenna because I have Verizon FIOS service that I pay a good price for each month.  I am not getting all services that I am paying for.  What is Verizon going to do to make it right with their customers?  

An Angry Verizon FIOS Customer

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