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Verizon dropping WUSA9 on Dec 31

Verizon dropping WUSA9 on Dec 31

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FiOS is a separate business from Verizon wireless., FiOS does not make $1b/month.

Do the local channels share any of the blame for this? They are the ones asking for increased fees.

People complain when Verizon raises rates (this increase will show as increased broadcast charge) but then complain when negotiating trying to keep rates down.

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The latest outrage from Verizon: Sending an email on New Years' eve to all DC area customers telling them FIOS will drop the local CBS affiliate station-- and not replace it with another CBS station. I guess they were hoping nobody would notice this. Their assinine solution: Get an HD antenna or get a CBS paid app on your phone. 

My hope is that when enough people realize they cannot watch CBS, including several NFL playoff games and the Super Bowl, they will be as mad as I am. I'm sure Verizon will follow up with some standard corporate-speak about how they are "protecting customers" buy taking away the ability to watch a major network. 


Their only answer is likely to be "too bad," get an antenna. I have another solution: Get rid of FIOS. I'd rather not switch to Comcast Xfinity, but Verizon has just made that decision much easier. 

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How long do we wait before we know if CBS DC is coming back.   I am not paying 5.99 more for their app.  Why would I pay you and pay them.  If we don't get it back I'm sure there are other deals out there.

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Verizon does not care anymore regarding customer service or they would not have done this deed.  I work long hours and relish my DVR recording; today that is not possible; no NCIS, CBS sports shows, CH 9 local news, etc..  Yesterday night (31 Dec 2018) at 6pm the channel went dark and thirty minutes later a notice went up on the verizon website [NO CUSTOMER NOTICE]  I called Verzion tech support and got hung up three times and even the helpdesk in India did not know this had happened.  So where is the part of customer relations; non existent.  I tried billing to get a refund since I had to hoist a football party elsewhere (paid for rides home) and since I can't watch it at home.  The URL https://www.wusa9.com/verizon has more information than verizon; this has been a common occurance here in VA.  I tried calling sales and they were closed.   I have to wait till the morning to call the FF bureau office since the government has allowed this to happen (lack of service providers here in tyson corners area.

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I predict that Verizon will reduce customer service staff to make it as difficult as possible to cancel the service and switch. Prepare for hours of hold time.


WUSA's website encourages FIOS customers to switch to a different service provider and gives links to Comcast/Xfinity, Direct TV, and Cox. When people realize what Verizon has done, many will try to leave. Count on Verizon to try to make that as difficult as possible. 

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Good Morning

I live in the Washington DC Area and was made aware that we are loosing a local channel. While I understand that Verizon is trying to keep the consumer's cost down, I see that we lost another channel FUSE. my suggestion is if you are not renewing FUSE why can't the savings from not paying for that channel be used to keep a local channel. I feel that the local channels are more important that the other channels. A lot of the low income people in the area that have basic services rely on the local channels for viewing. Just my thoughts!! Verizon please bring back CBS

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I am so happy that Verizon is looking out for my interests in not passing through the cost for kowtowing to Tegna's price increase.


I certainly wish they previously had the same attitude when tacking a regional sports fee to my monthly bill.  I have zero intererest in "professional" sports and never watch them, yet there continues to be a monthly extra fee on my bill.


If someone wants to show me how to remove that fee (and the associated channels in my channel lineup) I will certainly be grateful.  Please don't tell me to drop my entire TV plan because that is not a suitable answer. 


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Very angry with Verizon about this. I pay over $1800 / year for their services and this is how they treat customers in good standing. Verizon, my contract is with you not Tegna. I do not care about your dispute whatsoever. i FULLY EXPECT a prorated reduction in my bill for the channels and content I do not get for however long this lasts. 

I am missing a bowl game i was looking forward to today. And your message of "use an over the air antenna" is crap. I pay YOU to provide it.

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Honestly who cares,there are hundreds of channels we cant be bullied into paying more for less.Do not give in Verizon

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Personally, I appreciate Verizon looking out for my best interests. If Tegna and WUSA want to jack up the rates they charge Verizon for carring "Americas Most Watched Network," they can stuff it. If you are worried about missing the Super Bowl, you got bigger problems.

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