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Verizon dropping WUSA9 on Dec 31

Verizon dropping WUSA9 on Dec 31

Contributor TW104
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Registered: ‎05-19-2012
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I expect a rebate from Verizon Fios...i pay for a service and I expect that service.  By not providing me my channels that I subscribe to, you are in violation,.

Contributor Mermaid2019
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Sorry, I'm not interested in football as that is the small section of this, it is the principle of removing a local station, stations that should be provided on our local cable and are basically free to begin with.   We carefully reviewed with the agent on the phone a few weeks ago, the channel line-up before signing a 2-year contract, and all our local channels are important to us as that is the majority of our tv viewing, so we feel duped and scammed at this sudden and unannounced action.  Their suggestion to buy an app, which I can't do, is an expense we also can't take on despite not being able to utilize an app for tv viewing.  I also feel I shouldn't have to go to additional lengths to watch programming we were led to believe would be on our cable package.  Verizon and Tegna I'm sure make enough money, not sure who is really at fault here, BUT, we pay more and more for services and seem to get less and less which is awful.

Contributor jgwm
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I agree with all who are outraged that CBS has been dropped.  They won't even let me give "Kudos" to the messages that I like in the forum.  Wow, wow, wow......Verizon Fios has hit a new low point.  More and more channels are being taken away, yet the price goes up and up and up.  Shame on Verizon Fios!  

Contributor Golfer620
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Registered: ‎01-01-2019
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Totally unacceptable for the loss of one of the most watched stations in the DC area.  Is Verizon going to deduct the $5.99 cost for getting the app to be able to watch it? No, I don't think so.  Too many programs on CBS are watched by our family.  When you had the same thing going with Disney and ESPN, that would have been fine.  Do something right for your customers Verizon?  I'm paying way too much for Verizon to have this happen.  Always have enjoyed FiOS but this is really ticking me off.

Contributor Gardenia
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Just found out about this today. I don't watch WUSA 9 much, but still want to have it available if necessary. Pulled out an antenna I bought 2.5 years ago and hooked it up and I'm able to get WUSA, WJLA, and WRC. The only channel I want that's not coming through is PBS, but am going to work on it. 


I usually stream with Sling (now has WRC and Fox 5), Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, so only want the local channels for when there's some kind of emergency. Antenna seems to be doing the trick, so plan to get rid of my cable (I only have Basic Cable now) after a little more of a trial to make sure this set up will work.


Something to try.

Contributor Harpo
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Let Tegna keep their ABC network channel and keep our rates low.  There is hardly anything worth watching on ABC anyway.   Hold fast and see how long their sponsors like their actions.


Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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If this continues towards the Super Bowl, then we will have a problem....especially if my team is in it AND Verizon refuses to lower my bill. I understand what my contract says but I still have no issue demanding a lower bill with the loss of this important channel

Gold Contributor VI Gold Contributor VI
Gold Contributor VI
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I do agree with you that there is no good shows on any of the big Networks. Fortunately I didn't lose any channels in my area, but CBS WUSA in DC is also one of the lost channels. I can't say that I'd be very happy to lose access to the Super Bowl. I know there is other options but still a hassle to have to run out and hook up new equipment or have to pay to stream CBS. 

Copper Contributor md99
Copper Contributor
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Call Verizon and complain. See. https://www.wusa9.com/verizon


Seems like there is a case to drop your contact. 

Contributor Aquarius
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That is a ridiculous position to take. Do you realize that cable prices have been skyrocketing? Why should we as consumers be the ones to bear the brunt of everyone else's greed. The blame should lie squarely with WUSA. Verizon is absolutely right on the money. They continue to lose subscribers due to these inflated prices. Just ask your family and friends - we all have the same complaints. The cost of cable is way too high.  If forced to pay these high fees it will just be passed on to consumers. Do you think Verizon is going to take the hit?!

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