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Video On Demand = AWFUL

Video On Demand = AWFUL

Contributor tgkn1ght
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Assure us all you want - I did all of that for all three boxes.  I've done hard resets for all three boxes - the HD box at least once a week for another issue (constantly shutting off and doing some sort of search - "hunt fr 01, hunt fr 02, etc. for hours on end).  They replaced my modem and I've been to the box outside to reseat all those connections too.  I have called customer service several times and used the online customer service several times.  First they can never find our account because we don't have Verizon phone service - and for some reason they INSIST on using the home phone number as the be-all-end-all way of locating your account.  Once they find my account, they have me do resets, plug and un-plug, and then I get disconnected.  EVERY FLIPPIN' TIME!!!  And it doesn't matter if I'm calling or using the online rep.  EVERY FLIPPIN' TIME.  And even though they get the phone number I"m calling from, just in case we get disconnected, they NEVER call back.


So I have given up on On-Demand.  And please, if you have any OTHER suggestions, let us know, because I'm at a loss.

Contributor Phred
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I'm having same problem here. Also, sound and picture are out of sync and picture looks like it's out of focus. And at least once a day on regular programing I would loose the signal for about 15 seconds and then it'll come back. Has anyone been able to resolve these issues?
Copper Contributor WRKPA
Copper Contributor
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Move the box from the 1st floor to the 3rd. If you still have the problem on the 3rd, it's the cable.
Contributor Phred
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Registered: ‎03-26-2009
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"Move the box from the 1st floor to the 3rd. If you still have the problem on the 3rd, it's the cable"


Ha Ha What about the 2nd? Get serious. This problem really should be addressed. SD On Demand is useless!! I like getting what was advertised and paid for.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Has anyone with this issue been successful in resolving it?


I had forgotten all about it, until I just went and on demanded something for the first time in a month.  Same annoying issue.  So frustrating.  Tomorrow I will have to begin some more.  I'll probably end up making that painful call to tech support.

Contributor jeffku5
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I had the same issue on one of my boxes, the other two played perfect. I called tech support several times and after they re-set the box about 3 or 4 times they scheduled a tech to come to my house. He said my signal was too strong and had to adjust it on the outside box. He also put an extra adapter on the back of my box in the house to weaken the signal. Since then I get the VOD perfect on all the boxes in the house. Hope this helps.
Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Registered: ‎01-15-2009
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So I finally got around to calling support.  I called around 5:45pm, and was on the phone with them for about 15 minutes.  During this time they reset my box a couple times, and also reset the box outside.  No luck.  I was then told that they were going to do some work on my cable box, it would be unavailable for about 15 minutes, and then I would receive a call back.  After an hour and a half, no call back.  I called them back to find out what was going on.  I was told that someone recently took my ticket and was working on my box.  They scheduled a tech to come out the next day, and I was told my box would be back online in about 15 minutes.


My cable box never came back, even the next morning it was still down.  My TV kept telling me "no signal."  So I called them up for a simple on demand issue, and they completely toast my box! 


A tech arrived at my house the next day.  He told me that when the work was done on my box last night, the box was deactivated and never reactivated.  Thanks guys!


When testing with the tech, we noticed that if you tried watching on demand from two of my cable boxes at the same time, the box would completely pixelate.   To make a long story short, he ended up replacing both cable boxes, the outside box, my router, and the splitter.  Everything seemed to be working great when he left.......


Until we sat down to watch tv tonight.  Well my on demand works excellent, but now I'm having strange issues with random channels.  I recorded The Office and 30 Rock tonight on channel 507, and it the recording is completely pixelated.  I switched to live tv on that channel and it was also completely scrambled.  I am now trying to watch the celtics playoff game on channel 577 and I'm getting:

 "This channel is currently unavailable.  Change the channel and return to this channel or call 1-866-962-1946 and enter quick code 8801.  If this is a local channel, it might not be broadcasting at this time."  This channel was working great an hour ago!!


What a mess!!!!  Looks like I will be calling them again tomorrow!!

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 54
Registered: ‎01-15-2009
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Tech came back out to my house again.  Turns out the new box that he had given me was also defective.  At this point everything is working.  In the end he swapped out:

-DVR box (twice)

-bedroom high def box

-basement splitter

-outside box



Not sure exactly what fixed it, but the tech is pretty confident that it was the cable box.

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