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WRESTLEMANIA XXVII ppv ordering concerns...

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WRESTLEMANIA XXVII ppv ordering concerns...

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Hello everyone!

I have a question about the upcoming WRESTLEMANIA event this Sunday...

We have been FIOS subscribers a long time but have yet to order a PPV event...

Does anyone know the cost of this show and when/where it can be ordered? I read somewhere that FIOS only offered last years' wrstlmnia in STANDARD DEFINITION (SD)... Is this true!?! If so, will THIS show be broadcast on FIOS in HD? Also... Since it's a rather long show (approx 4hrs.) I would obviously like to record it via my DVR to watch later. Is this possible or are movies/events ordered on PPV scrambled? Finally, cost? I heard everything from $45 up to $80...

                                                            Thank You SO much for your replys'!

                                                                                                 Phillychad  Smiley Tongue

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Re: WRESTLEMANIA XXVII ppv ordering concerns...

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All HD PPV Events are located on channel 1001. You can order events and movies in advance, or just turn it on Sunday. You can program your DVR to record it no problem, you can also order it on mulitple boxes in your house and you will only be charged once. But if you order the HD version in one room, then order it again in SD in another room, you WILL be charged twice since it's a different broadcast. So order the HD version in other rooms as well if you want it elsewhere. HD programs can be watched on SD TV's, the screen size is just smaller, and not an issue.


As with all WWE PPV events for the past few years, along with TNA, UFC, etc they are all available on HD. Last years Wrestlemania was in HD if you ordered it in HD.


Wrestlemania is more expensive then other WWE PPV events and costs $65.



Enjoy the show...

Cena Sucks!


Del Rio forfills his destiny !

He's the Miz...and he retains!


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