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Watch FIOS TV on laptop

Watch FIOS TV on laptop

Contributor hussr
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I simply cant see any channel content from the fios website when I click thewatch live tv link. I tried mac and windows on different browsers and still.... nothing. The furthest I ever got was seeing a play button in a video steam that never finished loading even after 15 minutes. Even the fios app has a limited channel lineup. We should be able to access all our tv package channels we're paying for from our devices. If verizon thinks people will take advantage of this feature rather than buying additional cable boxes, then at least restrict it to one or two devices at a time, like netflix does. I was a former cablevision customer and I have to say their live tv application for laptops is pretty top of the line and snappy (it ran on microsoft silverlight's platform, and it is mac / windows compatible) and they were able to enforce restrictions on devices such as disabling video output such as hdmi, etc, and making sure only a fixed number of simultaneous devices can access the feature, and also ensuring only laptops could access the service. The stream quality was excellent! and swithcing from channel to channel was seamless like a set top box. I sure wish verizon could devleop a tv application like that for laptops.

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Nickel Contributor
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Yes, Cablevision was one of the best when watching "everything" on a laptop and also with more stores closer to their customers it was easier to get replacement remotes and boxes with "no extra charge".

Contributor climardo
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apparently the URL is http://tv.verizon.com as of 3/18/15 but its not working in Chrome or Safari on Mac OS X 10.10.2

Copper Contributor LoveFiosWhenWk
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I can watch more channels of "Watch FIOS TV" on my kindle than on my laptop.  FIOS tv should be Fios tv wherever you watch it,  What is the deal with that?

Contributor hall
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watch fios tv on my laptop

Contributor AeolusOperand
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This is redicilous how old this post is and still no true solution for LiveTV. How can Verizon justify its pricing when it cannot keep up with the competition? When I was an Xfinity customer they have full support for laptop and mobile devices; including the XBox One. Its strange Verizon used to have an app with XBox 360 but not Xbox One. I had full TV and on demand capabilities with Xfinity. Its really frustrating when your paying for something that does meet your expectations from what was marketed to you. The links on this post does not cover live TV in its entirity especially on demand. This post has not been solved. Even the working features on Verizon's website re-route you to the third party sites for the channels, when it should be embedded into Verizon's website. I shouldn't have to login to each channel to watch something. Never had this issue with Xfinity; I miss them so much. The only reason I switched to Verizon was because Xfinity was not available in my new area. If I wanted poor service I would have went with Cox or Dish and saved money. Nothing against them but Verizon was supposed to be better. If the pricing was better I would have chalked it up too "you get what you pay for" but that is not the case. Pricing is about the same as Xfinity but the service is poor. I will be switching providers once my contract is up.


Another thing that bothers me is Verizon pidegon-hole's you into buying their "Quantom Router" that is supposed to be the best but nothing short of poor performance. At least Xfinity lets you have your own network equipment. My router that I used with Xfinity was a few years old and I was getting better range and performance than the Quantom Router (night and day). The Quantom Router barely makes it to my 2nd floor. I tested my old router and it covers the whole house. When I first signed up with Verizon, I tried to explain to the Verizon techs that I have my own network equipment. The techs told me I needed the Verizon router in order to have full functionality of my TV experience. Because "Verizon won't be able to see my personal router" and "that the router is propriatary to Verizon." The techs told me, that my ondemand and internet will not fully work without it. They also told me that the Verizon router was needed to send out updates and provide remote support. Why would I need Verizon to remote into my router? Xfinity never needed to do that when I had networking issues, I am fully capabilble to fix an issue with own network equipment. I do not need Verizon to tell me what I need or manage anything. If there are updates for FIOS TV  and ONDemand, then there needs to be another nexus of functionality to not burden the customer. Its annoying. I do not want to rent or purchase additional TV boxes or network equipment. I just want to pay for a service and use my own equipment.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Xfinity only allows you to watch content using their cloud DVR service.

I am guessing there is an extra charge for that.
As for router, yes some can handle it. But if you look through the threads there are quite a large number of people that have issues with accomplishing it. Can't say I blame verizon for pushing people to use Verizon router instead of their own.

BTW, you can use your own router. Especially if you don't use Verizon STB (ia ssume you dont as you stated you didn't want to rent anything from Verizon).

And if you do, you can search the threads here for info on what it takes to get full functionality which depends on which model of STB you have.

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Recently switched from xfinity to Fios for better download speeds.  Their advertising misleads you into beleiving that you can watch DVR and live content on all your devices.  This is not true.  You can not watch recorded content on desktop or laptop computer as is possible on xfinity.  Will look into seeing if a can cancel account after less than a week.  I believe it is obvious that they will not let you use a desktop or laptop to stream content because they want everyone to get a verizon cell phone or tablet with a verizon data plan.  Pretty obvious.  

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Platinum Contributor III
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I believe it is more of a case of preventing capability to show on larger screen.

Fios Mobile app does not support use of hdmi cable from mobile device to larger screen.

You typically have 30 days to cancel a new account.

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Contributor 12341
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I have searched around and it is not possible to watch tv on your laptop like you would on the mobile fios app


on the laptop you are only taken to a small list of networks - when you click on a network it just links you to another website such as cbs.com -


It is on purpose that Verizon does not offer live tv on laptops because they want to control how you watch TV


I have Time Warner Cable (Spectrum now?) at another location and they do offer all my channels on laptop (live tv) when at home and a few channels are even available away from home.   





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