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We May Lose ABC, Freeform, ESPN, and Disney Channels

We May Lose ABC, Freeform, ESPN, and Disney Channels

Contributor bballman
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Registered: ‎12-28-2018
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Losing ESPN, Disney, and ABC is not an option.  If this occurs I will be forced to goto Comcast.  Please settle this immediately.

Contributor bballman
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Registered: ‎12-28-2018
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I have tried to call Verizon to complain about dropping ESPN etc.  Automation stopped me from getting anyone.  I tried live chat and they had no idea what I was talking about.

What kind of company are we paying for our service.  I have been a customer for over 15 year and will end it if these channels are dropped.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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The ESPN channels are about the only TV I watch now. Except for some of the retro channels that's it. The thing about it if Verizon drops these or doesn't renew,however you want to term it, the price will not drop for us consumers. The same rate will stay and Verizon will just max out more on profits. This is guaranteed. I think I still have over a year on my contract. I will do like someone else suggested, I'll drop to the lowest package possible and go with YouTubeTV as I have heard good things about it for my ESPN viewing. So there are options for us all. My feeling at the end of all this is that Verizon wants out of the cable TV business. This is their major move to go away from that and just concentrate on other aspects of their business. If we could see their TV only revenue its probably not near as much as they would like. In the end they just can't compete with Comcast,DISH and DTV. Plus all the others that have come on board like YouTube,Hulu and Vue.    I'll sit back and wait to see what happens this weekend then decide on my move. If I miss a few games so be it but if I lose espn THEY WILL LOSE ME.

Contributor brianpghpa
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Does anyone know what discount or rebate that Verizon is planning to offer customers in the event that the Disney/ESPN programming is removed on January 1?



Contributor bbscreenname99
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Frankly, I'm looking for a reason to drop cable in general and just keep the internet.  This might help me actually do it.

Contributor G0705
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Agree I have a choice in internet and cable tv providers and if Verizon FIOS chooses to drop 6ABC in Philly market, ESPN, and affiliates I will choose Comcast and  XFinity as fast as they can install at my home. I’ve been a FIOS customer for 10 years but they have no loyalty so neither will I.   

Contributor o5955573
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"CRobGauth" here are my answers to your questions:


1) Verizon may not be the one dropping the content but that is a technicality in these disputes. It's not like Verizon is suddenly the good guy because Disney is the one who actually stops the transmission. Do you suggest they just give the channels away and not be paid for it?


2) We want them to sign the deal because our monthly bills will always go up regardless so we may as well get to enjoy the channels. How is it a better deal to lose all Disney channels but still pay the same amount each month? You think Verizon will give us a discount or lower the TV package prices without ESPN, Disney, ABC, etc? Of course not, the prices stay the same and you will pay the same for less. Plus if Verizon really cares about us and wants to keep our bills down...how do you explain raising the monthly rental fees for their TV boxes and router as anything but a money grab (i.e. paying them more for no added value)?


3) Do we really know if it is a "large" increase? Disney may be asking for $0.20/month and they will call that "large" yet Verizon doesn't want you to know that as they raise your TV box fee $2/month. Also remember it's not just an increase for the same channels, they are adding the ACC Network. The negotiations are private for a reason...neither side wants you to know the real numbers.


4) No, they will just find new ways (e.g. increased TV box and router rentals) to raise your bill. When was the last time your monthly bill went down on its own (i.e. as a result of Verizon's great negotiations)? I just saw today that The Blaze channel was dropped too...do you think our bills will go down?


5) This is true but each provider is different based on its value. There is a reason that ESPN commands the highest rate...the TV providers don't pay that to Disney out of the goodness of their heart. I'm sure you can agree that ABC, the ESPN family of channels, and the Disney family of channels are pretty standard now a days. Having them taken away (again, without a relevant drop in the price of our TV package) is different from losing a third tier channel with low viewership.

Contributor DmcC104
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I think this is total **bleep**. UI have been with Verizon for 13 years. The NEED to get this resolved BEFORE 5:00PM on Dec. 31 or I will be dropping fro breach of contract and I just renewed for 2 years within the past week. I also want to have them add the ACC network when it launches/ I am already paying over $250 per month - so they ARE making money.

Contributor ninmaven
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I really hope they come to an agreement. I watch ABC and a couple of things on Freeform, and my husband watches ESPN. I'm angry enough that we don't have The Weather Channel (Accuweather is awful and no live coverage of events) and the fact that I now have to pay extra for HBO even though I have the biggest channel package. I will HAVE to switch providers if we lose these channels.  I will not go to Comcast though. I switched from Comcast to Verizon because Comcast had the worst customer service and the internet was down at least a couple of times per week - sometimes for 12 hours.  I have very little downtime with Verizon internet.  Maybe I'll have to keep Verizon internet, use Hulu to watch live TV, and pay a la carte for the premium channels I want through my Firestick.


Silver Contributor V Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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To be honest, if the channels are lost is is a pretty big deal, these channels are some of the most popular channels watched by people with the TV service.


Bear in mind at the end of the day Verizon is a business and they are trying to make money.


If you haven't already, take a look at https://www.verizon.com/disney for more details. There is a little more to it that just a dispute which is contributing to this issue.


I will be honestly this makes me nervous for some of my friends who work on the Fios side of Verizon because, in my honest opinion, it will make Verizon seem irrelevent.

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