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What channel is the Blaze Network?

What channel is the Blaze Network?

Contributor Nevergolfing
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Registered: ‎03-25-2015
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Can you please tell me what channel the Blaze network is on?

Thank You,


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Its not.

There is already at least one if not more threads on people requesting it.
Find the thread and add your voice.

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Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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@Nevergolfing wrote:

Can you please tell me what channel the Blaze network is on?

Thank You,


You can find it/stream it on your ROKU directly from the Blaze website. Just like Comcast, Directv, AT&T, etc. Verizon does not carry The Blaze
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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"Can you please tell me what channel the Blaze network is on?"


In my region, Upstate NY, I believe the Blaze network can be found on channels: 114 SD and 614 HD.

Contributor flyingbeefhead
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Please add the Blaze!
Copper Contributor qjill
Copper Contributor
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The Blaze is on Fios now. Try channel 112. I am having problems getting it turned on even though it is part of my package (technical issue). They sent me a new set top box and still no channel. It appears in the guide.

Copper Contributor qjill
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-21-2013
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Problem solved. The Blaze TV is on channel 112. Glen Beck on air also said they are trying to get the Aljazera channel (114) when it goes off the air in April so the channel can be seen in HD. The problem is administrative, not technical. I had a "legacy" Extreme HD package from 2013. The channel is available in SD as part of the "Preferred HD", "Extreme HD", and "Ultimate HD" packages. The reason it is not turned on is that they need to orally advise you that when you turn it on, you will lose the Hallmark channel and the Chiller channel (Boo Hoo). All you need to do is make a lateral transfer to your same package, you do not need to upgrade. If you go into the "my services" menu and pull up the list of channels you get, you will see the "legacy" indication at the top of the column. Another quick way to check is to see if you don't get The Blaze TV but are getting the Hallmark channel. They did send me a new set top box with updated software as part of my technical assistance which may or may not be necessary. Once I changed over to the "new" Extreme HD package, the channel came on in under an hour. They did not require me to sign a new 2 year agreement, but I did anyway because it saved me on the package.  You fix the problem by calling billing/customer service, not the technical assistance department.  

Contributor Timmer
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It isn't.

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