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What is going on with ESPN Gameplan?

What is going on with ESPN Gameplan?

Contributor mattshel
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I'm obviously new to Fios.  We are actually having it installed tomorrow morning.  When this process started, we were assured that we can order ESPN Gameplan - we were actually told that we were signed up and ready to go a few days ago.  Now I have had 3 different service reps tell me that they cannot find ESPN Gameplan as an option for purchase on their systems.


1)  Does Fios offer ESPN Gameplan for the 2009 season starting in 2 weeks?


2) Can I not order it simply because our Fios won't be installed until tomorrow?


I'd just like to know prior to us switching from DirecTV to Fios.



Thank you.

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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The full season package of ESPN Gameplan costs $129, while a weekly subscription is $21.95. The package can be found on channels 1010-1015. For a schedule of available games, see the ESPN Gameplan site.


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Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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Where did you get that information? They will be on channels 1010-1015
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Contributor bpkte
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With Verizon internet service you have access to ESPN360 which will show ESPN games as well as ESPN Gameplan - so you do not need to purchase it... unless you want to watch it on your TV.   When ESPN starts showing Gameplan games in HD, then I will consider buying the package.  Until then, the picture quality of the computer is not much worse than standard def. 
Contributor Hodges
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I am getting a little nervous.  I called last week and the customer service rep said that he doesn't see it in his computer yet.  He told me to try back again later.  I have always had DirecTV and did not worry about it cause I could just order with my remote.  I am not sure what to do now, I am new to FIOS. Can someone please confirm they will have Gameplan this year?  If so do I order it with my remote or do I have to call in?  Hey advise is appreciated.
Copper Contributor shkeys
Copper Contributor
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They carried it last year, so I'm sure they will again this year.  The only problem is you couldn't order through your remote last year.  You still need to call Verizon to order it.  Just be patient.
Contributor sbchevy94
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I just ordered it today!!  tell the customer service rep to look under the Pay Per View section.  It's $115 if you order before September 15th.  Hope this helps everyone.
Contributor Onigiriman
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I'm sure you got the email, but just in case, here's the link for gameplan. Can't wait for the season to start!



Contributor Hodges
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Thanks to everyone for the info.  I guess I just needed to be more patient or Verizon should do a better job of promotion.  DirecTV always offered it alot earlier.  Oh well.  "IT'S FOOTBALL TIME.....IN TENNESSEE!!!"

Contributor Axsanb
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I have tried calling the number in that email, but keep getting lost in Voicemail LA LA land.


How do I get a person on the line so I can get this done.


I moved from Direct to FIOS just because Game Plan was available.



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