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When are We meaning the customers going to get a hard copy TV guide?

When are We meaning the customers going to get a hard copy TV guide?

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I was wondering when VZ FIOS is going to start doing hardcopy TV guides?For individuals who like the elderly who get confused with the on screen guide.My grandma would love for that to happen.When will this be done so the 60 and above demographics will have easier access to their favorite shows.Just asking.

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Almost certainly never. That would be taking a step backwards, and the costs associated with publishing a program guide for 1000 channels on a weekly basis would be enormous, while the demand would be tiny (like you said, elderly people). Why do you think local papers don't do it much anymore and why TV Guide (the magazine) had to change its format?


The fact is, 98% of FiOS customers know to use and have no problem using the interactive program guide on their TV, one that doesn't require paper, glue, ink, and shipping costs, and can be updated in a millisecond over a fiber optic connection.


Here's an article from 2006 titled "The End of Paper TV Guides." http://www.techcrunch.com/2006/07/30/overview-the-end-of-paper-tv-guides/


If that was 2006, what do you think the case is four years later? The Rebirth of Paper TV Guides? Hardly!

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Verizon announced when they started TV that they were not going to even consider doing a printed guide. They are only going to use the onscreen guide. So the answer is going to be...never.


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