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Where's G4 HD and on-demand?

Where's G4 HD and on-demand?

Location: Staten Island, New York
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How come Fios doesn't have G4 HD or on-demand when almost every other TV provider has them?
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There are far more requested channels on the HD To Get List than G4.


G4 has been going down hill ever since COmcast bought them years ago...


Give me the NASA Channel instead...

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Device: Google G1
Plan: 20/5
Location: New York
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Olivia Munn in HD GIGGIDY!!!!
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Location: NJ
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G4 is a nice channel, it's popular, and has not been going down hill. 
Location: Murrieta, CA
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G4 HD is much needed  AOTS, X-PLAY, and NINJA WARRIOR!  Make it happen Verizon... make it happen.
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It really is time to add channels like G4 HD.  I've been watching this channel adapt more and more to HD.  In Feburary the channel converted all of their core shows to HD.  Now this April they adapted them even furthur to a wide screen format!!!  It looks even worse on a standard def channel.  I have 4 HD TVs in my house and would prefer to neve have to search the standard def channels when veiwing the guide, but this channel is one of the reasons I still do. And yes G4 would be great, I'd probably watch a missed episode of X-Play on demand from time to time.


O btw, I called verizon to ask about this channel in HD and make some sort of over the phone request.  The guy who picked up the phone was all enthusiastic at first, "O good question let me look into that for you."  After 25 minutes of being on hold he simply transfered me to the service department who had no clue why he would do that.  If you guys ever call get the name of the person your talking to before you ask any questions.


Common Guys!  Make your voices heard!

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Please add G4 HD.  Their main staple shows are in HD now and it's one of the last channels that I actually watch that isn't in HD on FiOS.


I love the service, but you've gotta keep up if you want to keep your customers.

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Registered just to post this.


As a current FIOS triple play customer, please get G4TV on HD! I watch AOTS, X-Play, Ninja Warrior almost every day!  Like the poster above me it is the only SD channel I watch.

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G4 HD would be epic, I watch AOTS, X-Play, COPS, Campus PD, and Web Soup on it.

Plan: FiOS
Location: New York
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G4 is not available in HD because they need to be broadcasting in HD, In NY no providers offers G4 in HD.  It would be nice, not sure who you should be approaching though.  I agree a general on-demand like "tbs" on demand, etc.  would be nice.

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