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Which channels were just added?

Which channels were just added?

Contributor Fosod
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After reading the notice of new channels being added to the Fios service, I'm unable to find exactly which channels are new. Sure you can look at a channel listing, but the new channels are intermixed with the old ones. Is there a isolated list of the new channels and the subscription packages in which they are included?
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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It depends on where you are located. Here is a link to the press release that talks about the additions this week in the DC area;



Contributor jagermeister
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I am a new subscriber (two days now) and to my surprise, Verizon does not carry the NHL Network.  Unfortunately for me this is a show-stopper and will have to go back to my cable provider to get the channel.  This is not the "Center Ice" package, but a 24-hour hockey content channel similar to the NFL Network.  Before I begin the process of cancellation and conversion back to my cable provider, do you (or anyone) know if the NHL Network will be carried on Verizon FIOS? 
Contributor thepops
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Well, the good news is that they DID add a bunch of HD content.  The bad news is that on a number of them (one ESPN, one of fox news channels, the WGN superstation, one of the Disney .... seems random) come up with "you need to subscribe to this channel".  WHY?? I'm already paying for the HD stuff and most of them came through.  Rebooting the STB does NOT fix it.


Any ideas?


Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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I have a few questions.... I am a new subscriber to FiOS TV in Southern California and I have a question... Channel 899 (HBO East HD) is showing in my guide as "Coming Soon"... How soon is soon? 


Will the NHL Network rollout nationally on Monday the 17th? 



Contributor Gumba101
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I am in  the same boat that you are in.  Apparantly you will have to pay more to see these newly added channels as your HD package that included "every channel" has not been replaced with the Fios "Extreme" package.

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