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Why can't I rent Pirates of the Carribean?

Why can't I rent Pirates of the Carribean?

Contributor Amy5kidz
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Why can't I rent Pirates of the Carribean? The new one???

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is not available for rental presently how ever it is available for Flexview purchase in SD or HD.



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Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I think that's missing the point.  I don't really want to rent any movies from Verizon but the whole reason for making rental available is to see if we like the movie first, before we purchase it...because if we purchase a movie that we have never seen before, we are stuck with it, even if we don't like the movie. 


Not that long ago, I was looking to see if I could rent "The Big Chill" and even that is only available for purchase. 


But still, Verizon is not getting an extra buck from me just to watch extra movies.  I would much rather pay to watch a movie in the movie theater.


Contributor leathernek
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I have the same question.  Veriozn is going to to lose out on the money I am going to rent from red box.  First NetFlix got greedy now verizon.  - this sux.


Contributor Romero_Elliot
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Because they want you to now buy the movie first. Let’s see make 21$ or 5$? They hope that all the impulse buyers pull the trigger at the higher cost.

Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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I brought this up to Joe A and was told streaming to the PC would be here soon. That is not what I wanted either. If it available on Flex is should be available for rental on demand. I do not want to stream anything from Verizon through my secure PC to the TV and will NOT install the required software. Yes Many VOD movies I would view are not being purchased because of this lack of consideration.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Quite frankly, I would be just as satisfied with only getting the basic 13 or 15 channels without the videos on demand.  I think it's unfortunate how for many people, this really came down to a choice between all or nothing once the plug was pulled on the analog antenna reception.  I'm definitely getting what I'm paying for but let's face it:  I don't have the time to sit around all day to fool with all of these various options and gadgets.  I don't really have the time to bother with filtering out my favorite TV stations just to avoid skipping over all the other stations.


I don't think the choices of movies now-a-days is so great.  It's a lot of garbage if you ask me.



Contributor stuartm650
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I have the same question. It seems you cannot rent Captain America either. I'm giving Verizon the benefit of the doubt because  I do not know why I cannot rent those movies. So I agree with other posters on this site, we have alternatives. I recently cancelled Netflix and DIRECTV because I did not get the service I wanted.  I'm considering canceling FIOS if Verizon cannot work this out. Money does not grow on trees and I do not spend money on services that do not meet expectations. Get is straight Verizon.

Contributor Anthony_Bac
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It seems like every movie that has came out on demand since the beginning of October is only available for purchase. If I wanted to buy a movie I would just go to Bestbuy and buy the actual disc. If Verizon keeps this **bleep** up I'm going to switch to Brighthouse.
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I actually just rented a movie on demand, surprise surprise. lol...I felt so lazy doing that because I'm so used to going out of the house and to a store to buy or rent just about anything.  It's just weird, like you said, how other movies are only available for purchase.  Whenever I purchase a movie, it has to be something I have seen before and it's always going to be a physical DVD so I can keep it in my collection.  If a movie is purchased and is just sitting on my STB or computer, I can't take it with me anywhere, so I don't really comprehend the purpose of that for my own needs.  I'm not sure if it's about raking in more money because purchases are more expensive and profitable?  Or maybe certain movies become available for rental after a certain period of time?  I'm not cancelling my Verizon Fios service just over that because that's a trivial reason in my opinion and it's not at all the reason I signed up with Verizon Fios in the first place.  The way I look at it now, the on demand list of movies is just something extra which is really non-essential for TV, phone, and Internet service and it's not something that we're paying for on a monthly basis.  There are many newer "featured" releases out which I see are available for rental.  


It's actually better than Netflix if you ask me.  It's nice to be able to rent once in a while but whenever I rent a movie, I do so very infrequently so if I were to pay 8 bucks per month for Netflix membership, it would be money down the drain unless I were to rent movies on a more regular basis.  Blockbuster now has a similar thing.  The other alternative, I believe, is to rent from a red kiosk which might be available at a supermarket or a Wal-Mart but I think you get charged more on your credit card the longer you keep the DVD.  At least with the Verizon on demand, even though you only have the rental for 2 days, you can't be delayed in returning it because there is now no such thing as returning a VOD rental and you can download the movie literally when it's convenient and when you have the time.  The bottom line for me is that I am only paying for the rental, not additional money on a regular basis for membership.       


I just can't understand what was so terrible about renting movies from a video store.  The demise of video stores is unfortunate and has certainly led to a different way of doing business.  Now we can literally have access to just about anything with the push of a remote button without going anywhere.   In some ways it might be an advantage.  It's cheap and convenient, you don't have to deal with crowds or other customers who are rude and obnoxious, it can save money on gas I suppose, it works if you're just resting at home or if you're sick, and I suppose it's one less errand that can free up time for other things if you're busy...but I know from a health perspective, I really need to make sure I take that walk in the park.  I'm not referring to anyone here but I think in general, the whole thing really encourages people to be lazy.  Some things I still intentionally do the old way because they allow for more physical activity and if the same goal accomplished, then I'm not going to change my method, like paying bills through the mail instead of on line. 


The digital revolution marches on.  lol...I'm really not impressed or thrilled with this on-demand option.







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