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Why can't Verizon keep their advertisement current?

Why can't Verizon keep their advertisement current?

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While looking over the "On Demand" section on FIOS today(30Jun), I saw an advertisement for a Free Preview Weekend of EPIX.  After numerous tries to access the channel , and two calls to FIOS technical support, I found out the advertisement was for last weekend.   Scott, the FIOS tech support rep told me that the preview was no longer active.  I wasted over an hour of my life because of this  FALSE advertisement.  Verizon, please explain  the reasons for your failure to keep your advertisements current.  I doubt I'll ever receive an explanation from Verizon because they appear not to care.


Respectfully submitted.


Copper Contributor Noah
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I totally hear you. I have had serious issues with Verizon's tech support. I do not have FIOS myself, or know about their advertising, but as a company they do not hold to the truth very well. 


For my own case, I sent links to my forum post on various social networking sites to help raise awarness as to how I was being treated. I don't know if that is something you want to do, but it is important that companies respect their customers, and if they make a mistake, take the time to explain it and ensure their customer's satisfaction.


Best of luck to you, and hopefully someone from Verizon will read this post and respond. They responded to mine, so they do monitor these forums. I have zero resolution as of yet, but it's still good to get some sort of attention, however limited.

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Sorry that you wasted over an hour of your life. I'm lucky if I get the on-screen banner ads during the free weekend, never mind a week after. There are a variety of places that this information gets posted. This event was posted in the Verizon blogs and on the FiOS TV Programming board. But so far the most comprehensive free preview listing I've come across is http://www.freepreview.tv/tag/verizon-fios. Might want to give it a try next time.

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An hour? Really? How?

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