Why no TNT HD on demand?

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Why no TNT HD on demand?

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We just switched to FiOS, and I am less impressed by the day. The DVR setup options are limited. And now, TNT is not available on demandhin HD. This is ridiculous. Not to mention it is only episodes 505 and 510 available. (of Leverage)  I am less than happy with the switch, and this is getting close to the straw that will have us switching back to Comcast, which frankly has better usability.

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Re: Why no TNT HD on demand?

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Every carrier has their own channels that someone wants in HD and that particualr carrier doesnt have.. it.  For me i could care less about TNT HD, but you do and thats great..   But why didnt you do your due deligence and research what is offered or not offered.. check out the FIOS website and see what is offered.. in todays age of the internet it soooo easy to just click, compare and check.. ... i cant stand people who complain , well why dont they offer it ? or make  threats such as...  Im going back to my other provider...   hey .. go back.. no big deal... to each his own..  but next time do some checking before signing up.  I previously had DIRECTV and i did my research before jumping ship... Verizon Picture is light years ahead of DTV and Comcast.  Yes they need to add many channels,  for me it would be BEIN Sports.. and im sure they will, in due time, but i aint making stupid threats.. that im going back to Directv, why would i want to go back to Rain Fades, slow dowloads of on demand movies, inferior onscreen graphics..... but what made me switch.. would be the awesome picture, Triple play price, and the great Quantum internet speed.. 



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