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beIN Sports USA will be carried on FIOS?

beIN Sports USA will be carried on FIOS?

Copper Contributor FrankoQ
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-12-2011
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Any news on this? 

I'll switch to whoever carries beIN in the next couple of weeks if no news from FIOS. 


Copper Contributor jcampo
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Registered: ‎08-22-2012
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Yes, FIOS does not seem concerned about adding BEin Sports despite constant requests by its customers. Switching seems the only option. I paid $462 last month for services.
Contributor JuveFan
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Registered: ‎08-09-2012
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One word, Directv.  I switched and love it not just because of beIn Sport, but because it's just better.  They also broadcast Champions and Europa League games in HD on designated channels.   You can also stream Fox Soccer and beIn Sport on your iPad or computer. 

Copper Contributor Koons
Copper Contributor
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Just a thought or two to my soccer brethren, after reading through these dozens of messages. First of all, don't play into the hands of people with stereotypes by writing incomprehensible sentences that do not help us to be taken seriously and just play into their assumption that soccer fans are all illegal aliens. Make your points to them calmly and rationally.


Secondly, stop obssessing about specific teams. Oh, I want my Barcelona. Oh, I want my Juventus. Or about specific games: my God, we're missing the classico! Do you really think this is going to impress a non-soccer crowd? Do you think that they are going to give you a frigging channel because of a SINGLE game or a single team? Can you imagine putting on an NBA channel because a bunch of people said "My GOD - the Lakers are playing the Celtics next week. Please give us this channel!!!"


Make the case rationally and calmly. Tell them that the channel covers three of the top five leagues in the world, with X number of games, and that the national team is also shown, as well as a lot of WC qualifiers involving Latin American teams. Then, yes, remind them that other competitors have already made this provision and that there is a groundswell of movement to these providers. I myself will wait out this season and see what happens over the summer. Then it will be Comcast time. They can take the gigantic box from my attic. I'll autograph it.

Contributor GrillMaster
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The math is simple.  If FIOS wants my business, they must offer beIN programming.  60% of the world's best leagues are no longer available to us.


C'mon, FIOS.  Listen to your customers or lose them.



Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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@koons, that's your opinion but illegal or not Verizon gets paid so they need to listen to it's customers. And yes my main concern is Juventus, Verizon carries many channels that I don't give a {word filter avoidance} about but they're still in my lineup. People are mad at missing they're teams games so {word filter avoidance} rational and calm.

Copper Contributor BattFamily
Copper Contributor
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So I eliminated all my ultimate package and went to $14.99 +/- service that Verizon are required to provide by the government.  To watch any good soccer go to www.stopstream.tv, you can get Barca games here on line.  After El Classico last week another increadible game with Barca winning 5-4,  some of the sweetest soccer you would ever see, and supremely entertaining.  Still at a loss why "Derirzon" is not showing this specticale?.................

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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I'm still waiting for Bein sports Verizon!!! What are you waiting on??

Copper Contributor Coachdny
Copper Contributor
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BEIN just signed a deal with TWC.. Verizon is the last provider not to offer BEIN Sports... 


its on their home page..


Contributor sarrett1
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I'd like to add my request to carry beIN to the others.   EPL is moving to I believe NBC sports next year which will make Fox Soccer essentially dead.       Since 1.  Many fans got the sports package expecting to see the main Euopean matchs and 2.  Most of the other major providers have made or are making deals to get beIN it's time for verizon to step up and get beIN on their service.

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