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beIN Sports USA will be carried on FIOS?

beIN Sports USA will be carried on FIOS?

Copper Contributor CLyttle
Copper Contributor
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As a Soccer Fan GolTV is Usless/Garbage its in SD (Blurry Vision) and doesn't show anything worthwhile,I can watch Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Fox Soccer Channel in HD if I want  same with Dortmund, most true Soccer Fans in the USA want to be able to see a Few things some


Barclays Premier League (EPL) FSC/ESPN

Serie A (Italian)  Bien

Ligue 1 (France)  Bien

Liga BBVA (Spain)  Bein

And definately USMNT away Games/  Bien



Do you see why Bien is important & Im sorry Fios Should of had it months  ago get ahead of the game guys , you guys need a Soccer rep ? cause the one you Have currently is awful with a capital A Smiley Mad

Contributor proxli
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Registered: ‎09-02-2009
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@CLyttle wrote:

I can watch Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Fox Soccer Channel in HD if I want  same with Dortmund

And everyone can watch Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, and Juventus on FSC in the UEFA Champions League too. So this is not a good argument. For many people, as long as fios has the EPL, i.e., FSC and FS+ then we'll stay. The rest of the football programming is a bonus.


Also, many people are ignoring the fact that Bein Sports has two channels they are offering (I'm assuming the Spanish is a Espanol copy of Bein Sports 1 as 1523 is a copy of 313). So a simple swap of GolTV with Bein will not get you all your desired team matches anyway. And you can't simply swap an SD channel for an HD channel, so Bein Sports will likely be "blurry vision" too if they dropped GolTV only for Bein Sports. Moreover, GolTV still has a lot to offer besides the Bundesliga, e.g., the leagues of Argentina and Brazil (Neymar).


I think recommending other channels to cut might be another option? MavTV and BlackbeltTV would be my suggestion. Mav is even in HD. What exactly do they program? Whenever I go to that channel, they seem to be showing some girl working out, sometimes in slow motion replay. What is the point of that? Verizon should make the perverts who watch that buy one of the premium channels for that (Playboy). And Blackbelt TV doesn't even have enough viewer interest for a wikipedia page. These are possibly channels Verizon should also consider dropping if they need space for both Bein channels. What other sports channels should they consider dropping?

Contributor Sultan
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I want to know if verizon will add bein chanal or not

Contributor Barcaes
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Verizon claims to be No1provider & cannot even commit to customer satisfaction. I just made the change from Comcast to Fios, but if Verizon doesn't get a deal with beIN Sports SOON, they will loose many customers like myself.  


Please add this channel......

Contributor Cris3
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Registered: ‎09-08-2012
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Add bein sports network or I'm switching to Comcast........

Contributor Marinho
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Registered: ‎09-09-2012
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How soon is Verizon add beinsport 

Contributor Marinho
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Registered: ‎09-09-2012
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@scan wrote:

COMCAST has now added beinSport.  Come-on Verizon.  Add beinSport NOW.




Contributor osomieloso69
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I need to watch La Liga. Is beIN on fios yet?k Would I have to switch to a different provider?
Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Guys I ordered Directv yesterday, I can't wait for the installation on Saturday just in time for the Barca game!!!! Bye bye Verizon!

Contributor Funkhauser
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Registered: ‎09-13-2012
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Another vote for you adding beIN sport.


Do it now while it is affordable.

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