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dropping bloomberg TV

Copper Contributor CraiginNJ
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Only an idiot would make such a "business decision" when they could clearly make extra money by switching its "plan" to being a premium a la carte channel.  If they can impose a "sports" fee on people who don't want there to be any sports programming Verizon can afford to keep the channel at a profit one way or another.

Yes, the streaming version of Bloomberg is not at all the same -- the tickers are missing.  I once visited a prestige trade school (a high school) where the kids in the finance class had bloomberg TV running all day silently so when they got bored with the teacher having to help slow kids catch up on the stock options & derivatives lessions they could keep learning.   There's really no substitute for the progamming nor for the efficient way of communicating multiple threads of news simultaneously.

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
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Couple of things:

1) Contracts with content providers can preclude the type of a la carte programming you mention.

2) There is a fixed cost to connecting to a content provider. And it is not cheap. How do I price in those costs? How many people really would subscribe to a Bloomberg channel knowing that most of it is available for free?

If Verizon (and other cable providers) could start doing this with channels, we would have true a la carte programming. Content providers don't want that. Otherwise, they wouldn't require cable providers to subscribe to a bundle of channels vs individual.


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Copper Contributor arb_prophet
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Fellow Bloomberg TV viewers: My wife and I are in the process of making the switch from Verizon to another service provider in the NYC area that offers real Bloomberg TV on all of its content packages.  We also think that we are paying too much for Verizon phone service and will use this opportunity to switch cell phone providers as well. 



I am sure many of you are fed-up with these non-answers and are open to making the swtich.



Copper Contributor CharlesY
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Annoying that the channel guide still shows Bloomberg, just to remind us of what we're missing.  I see they stopped advertising that the have Bloomberg, though.   Which competitors run the full Bloomberg?  Comcast?

Copper Contributor CharlesY
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So - I now have a tiny little HP computer hooked up to the TV and the internet and it has a bluetooth keyboard with mouse.  I can get the Bloomberg TV through the website on Firefox and I added Reuters Business news feed to a feed reader Chrome add-in.  Set to one minute updates, the feed on Chrome combo with the Bloom TV looks a lot like the the old Verizon Bloomberg TV.  All that is missing is ticker at the bottom, but market indicies come up every six minutes or so on the Bloom TV.  The Bloom TV, since it is in a browser, can be resized (I like it small).  So I'm getting the serious business news I've been missing and am a happy camper.  The only hassle is input switching on the TV (use a different remote, press a button).

   To me, Bloomberg TV analogy is to the Wall Street Journal.  Serious business news, efficient and incisive, sufficiently critical and newsy, fresh interviewees, compact interviews which do not go on and on tritely.  The CNBC interviewees tend to be  overexposed and full of uninteresting personal opinion, and some of the interviewers lack gravitas.  Fox Business News is almost a joke, a mere mouthpiece for the Trump appointees.  Poor Maria B., can't she do better.

   So okay Verizon, I'm staying put through the rest of my triple play contract.

Copper Contributor CharlesY
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And on other TVs, we now have Rokus attached to an independent input, for which we put Bloomberg as the first accessible icon.  Lightning fast - one can get to Bloomberg.  This is great for after the work day, working out in the basement after work.  While CNBC is showing multiple episodes of Shark Tank, we can get the live Asian markets news from Bloomberg and catch up on the day's Bloomberg programming.  Switch that to Netflix or Amazon Prime, and can get our Showtime a la carte through Amazon Prime.  All fast, all the time.  Thanks Verizon, for making me work to figure this out.

Contributor testcard
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So much for watching Bloomberg over the Internet for free:


You've reached your free live TV limit.
Subscribe now to get unlimited access.

Copper Contributor CharlesY
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Yes, there is a thirty minute limit per day on the on-line computer watching.  I've not hit the limit now because I watch less than 30 minutes in the a.m., and at night (catching up on the asian markets open) I now switch out of Verizon channels and watch OTT through Roku and/or Amazon stick.  I don't believe there is any limit when you go through these avenues.   You don't have the ticker news.  When I'm lazy I just go to CNBC and when I hit a good interview (not just the same overexposed group of employees or old "sage" guys like Mr. Buffett) I am pleasantly surprised.

Copper Contributor CharlesY
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It's now 6 months after Verizon dropped Bloomberg TV and FIOS is still showing the Bloomberg channel with all of the current listed Bloomberg content as available on the channel guide channel 604 here.  But click on the Bloomberg channel 604 and now despite the advertising of the Bloomberg channel there you just get a blank screen.  Any chance they will be updating this channel guide to delete the channel 604 content?  The continued showing of the channel as Bloomberg suggests the dropping is temporary, and so I keep clicking on the channel to see if it is back on.  I'd like resolution - one way or the other, as well as an accurate program guide.  I sure miss the Bloomberg channel with its wonderful news ticker.

Contributor Bloombergfan
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This is a disgrace - in fact, I may vote with my feet and go to another carrier. They cut Bloomberg and load up on trashy rerun programs - tlc, etc. Definitely not worth the money without Bloomberg

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