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fox sports 1 channel sports

fox sports 1 channel sports

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hi every one i great news fios got the the channel has agree to carry the channel on all fios network here is new channel isstarting august ,17 , 2013 on SD channel 83   on  HD channel 583 ok not  on time warner cable ok fox will not carry the fox sports 1 channel on time warner cable systems at all ok tell your friends dont get time warner cable ok will not carry new fox sports 1 channel ok

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If you have SPEED CHANNEL, you will get Fox Sports 1 (FS1)..  Speed has been discontinued.  FS1 will be Fox's version of ESPN, with a lot of different sports, but heavy on NFL programming leading up to Mothership FOX showing the Super Bowl in Februay 2014. Regis Philbin will have a live, weekly show on FS1. It's being called a guys version of 'The View'  Now THAT'S sports worth paying for!  Smiley Frustrated


Also .... FOX SOCCER CHANNEL is ALSO being replaced!.  It will be non-sports (tg!!!) and be renamed fXX  -- a younger skewing fX channel with mainly edgy comedy shows that already air on fX.



FOX has numerous overhaul and rebranding plans for other channels too.  fXMovies will be fxM --- a movie and adult version of fX.  Fuel TV has long been rumoured to become FS2.

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hi every one new sports channel is call fox sports 1 it will be on verizon fios on august , 15 , 2013 it be on around the country inc new york city fios customes the channel 583 HD and SD83 ok and deal fox 5 and my 9 all the fox college sports all fox sports network inc msg yes for long time on verizon fios inc new regis show regis is going replace greg kelly on good day newyork as the new host on fox 5 in new york starting 7am -10 am starting in august and less news too. and there very littie news there revamp the good day newyork there are big changes to come stay tune rumor greg kelly has be let go . has not been renew ok is part regis new contract .

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hi fios customes new fox sports 1 channel got the pac 12 is be on fios ok pac 12 network has be fold ok fios knew this about 2 months ago here is new fox sports 1 channel and fox 2 channel ok channel 83 sd and 583 hd on august 17, 2013 At 8:00 am ok if want more info go to fox info ok verizon will update new channels fios on fox fxx fox sports 2 ok verizon is good company ok

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Does this include UFC? Will Verizon televise this as well?

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If UFC is on FxS1 then it will be shown......

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BOOOO to Rupert Murdoch! I have a need for SPEED and want my Motorsports back! Who cares about 11 minutes of football action? Give me my racing and associated news!
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Now that speed channel has been replaced by Fox Sorts 1 ....... I no longer can find the Program Pass Time

This was a great show...... where did it go to

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Taking Fox Soccer off is crossing the line!!! Goodbye VERIZON!!! In few days you can take your box back....


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Fox Soccer was not taken off by Verizon...if you take the time to read the post second...this was Fox's doing not Verizon
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