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We renewed our fios contract a couple months ago. We have been watching GSN since then. All of a sudden GSN is only available with an upgrade. How can Verizon remove channels during a contract? I thought changes could only be made after the contract time is up.

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Contract slows deletes and adds during term. Which is fairly standard amongst providers. Changes are usually made around contract renewals with content providers. And usually involves a fee increase. So some packages could be dropped to limit increases.

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This sounds totally wrong for you guys that are under contract.  Verizon has their early termination fees written into the contract, so that prevents you from going anywhere.  There really needs to be some LAW in place that protects the customers, or gives them the option of cancelling the contract without any penalties if the vendor makes any changes.


In this case, Verizon isn't even deciding to no longer carry the channel, they are simply moving it to a higher costing tier.  In effect, that has changed the contract that you signed and you should be able to cancel without any fees.


I'm no longer under contract, and I'm getting annoyed at the number of channels that are being dropped due to carriage contract disputes.


As Verizon likes to say "Verizon works hard on behalf of our Fios TV customers to deliver the best TV service; with the programming you have come to expect at a reasonable price. We don’t want to increase customers’ rates due to unfair price increases from programming partners, and we’ll work tirelessly to ensure that does not happen."


The problem with that is, by dropping the channel, that means Verizon has actually reduced the amount they are paying for content (save for Bloomberg, as my understanding is that it was previously provided for free and they now wish to charge providers for the content). 


I have yet to see my bill go down in cost even though Verizon has dropped The Weather Channel, Bloomberg, and Univision - and probably more that I haven't even noticed.


I switched to Verizon because I got tired of Directv dropping channels, and I switched to Directv because I got tired of Dish doing the same thing.   If it continues I will drop Verizon.

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We literally watch HGTV, some sports and (formerly) GSN. Other than that, Netflix and other streaming services have what we need. The fact we pay what we pay and can’t watch rerun game shows tells you exactly how much trouble Verizon is in. Days are numbered for these cable oligopolies. It’s a shame this legal extortion has gone on as long as it has. 

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Blame the content providers.

they are the ones who require cable companies to bundle channels together.

notice how none of the streaming services over a la carte.

plus streamers get away without some of the fees imposed by local governments.

as more people cut cable, local governments will try and impose more few.

either streaming services or on intenrt providers.

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From the Fios TV Terms of Service you agreed to in order to activate your TV service:


Subject to applicable law, we reserve the right to change, rearrange, add, delete or otherwise modify the Service at any time, with or without prior notice to you, including changing, rearranging or otherwise modifying our Programming packages, the selections available in those packages, the Equipment, any Other Devices, and any other features, products and services that we offer. Verizon or its suppliers may, without notice or liability, restrict the use of any Services or limit its time of availability in order to perform maintenance activities and to maintain security. Not all services may be available in all areas.”


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