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new HD channels - now showing "not subscribed"

new HD channels - now showing "not subscribed"

Contributor gc3
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Registered: ‎10-31-2008
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signed on and discovered new channels were added.  however, for some reason several (all the non hbo/showtime/starz) of these show as not subscribed.  i was fully subscribed to hd previously.  any ideas?
Copper Contributor hzmt22193
Copper Contributor
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i was told that you need to upgrade or change to the extreme package.  i switched Thursday night, however I still have no access to those channels and I was told to call the billing department on Monday.  on a positive note.  I will save money and increase internet speed once every thing goes through. 
Copper Contributor Donkey97
Copper Contributor
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That is correct, you need to upgrade to the extreme HD package, but it ends up being $5 cheaper than the old premium package. We actually pre-ordered the extreme package before they added the channels, but after 2 months we didn't get it. I had to call and have them put the order through again to finally get the other channels.
Contributor Tashman
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Registered: ‎11-03-2008
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You said that this new package will save you money?  Please explain; I'll welcome any clarifications of this sudden, confusing and disappointing new situation.  As a longtime HD and "Premier" customer, I'm now being told that I'd have to add 9.99 to my bill (or switch my long distance phone service to Verizon and qualify for a "bundle") to get these new HD versions of basic, ad-supported channels such as FX, WGN, ABC Family, etc. And if I don't, it appears that some HD channels that were added in September -- such as CNN and CNBC -- might disappear from my screen.  I could understand the cost if I were signing up for HBO or a pro sports plan, but this "Extreme HD" package seems like the kind of nickel-and-diming that moved me to switch from Comcast to Verizon in 2007.  I hope Verizon will clarify or reconsider, especially for loyal and longtime customers.
Contributor Garnet92
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Registered: ‎11-15-2008
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GC3 - I had the same problem. After calling Verizon, I was AMAZED to find that the solution was to "sign up" for a new extreme bundle which had the effect of REDUCING by total bill by $30-40 bucks (I just received my first new bill and it is now reduced by that amount). I was previously a "one-bill" customer with FIOS TV, Internet, local phone and wireless - the whole shebang. But, my Total Choice TV bundle didn't automatically get the new HD channels - it took signing up for a 1-year contact to get the new "extreme HD" bundle for me to finally get all of the new offerings. I was skeptical but it all seems to have worked out. Hope this helps!
Contributor Tashman
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Registered: ‎11-03-2008
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Garnet 92, I can't thank you enough.  I followed your suggestion and while I had the same skepticism as you, I also had similarly surprising results.  A helpful and patient woman in the Verizon billing office (I know, I'm sounding like a commercial) arranged for me to get the new HD channels I wanted, faster Internet speed, a slight reduction in my total bill, and no pressure (to upgrade my service any higher or to switch my long distance and cell phone service to Verizon).  The one requirement, for a one-year commitment on my part (with 30 days to change my mind) seemed reasonable to me.  Thanks again.
Contributor FFR5778
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Registered: ‎11-28-2008
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I  am a Premium subscriber (the package no longer available).  All the movie channels.   Internet.  Three phone lines (one with Verizon LD).  Two cable cards.  Two digital adapters (in addition the the three free ones).  A bill that totals over $250 a month.  And I was told it would cost another $9.99 per month to get the additional HD channels that include  the Green Network and Travel Network.  Who are they kidding?  And the kicker of adding higher speed internet is worth nothing to me.  All I see is changing the rules and nickle and diming me to increase my bill.  I'm tied in for two years, but if things stay the same, at two years and a day, I'm back to cable and probably drop all three land lines.
Contributor Tashman
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Registered: ‎11-03-2008
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To FFR5778: I can't blame you for being ticked off, with the kind of investment you've made (money plus time, hardware, hookups, planning, commitment, etc.).  I felt similarly for a while, but I got useful information from this Forum (see my post before yours, and the ones from Garnet 92 and others before that) and was pleasantly surprised by the results after I called up the billing department.  It shouldn't be this complicated, but: with all the Verizon connections you've made -- including TV and internet Long Distance service -- you're probably in good shape to ask for one or more discounts that might be better than mine. (My LD and cell service are still at another company.) If you get the right person -- and make it clear that you're not blaming him or her for the company's policies -- you might be surprised, too.  Sometimes it just takes asking the right questions in the right way, or using the right terms. (I hadn't heard of a "flex" plan, for example, and I think the new "Extreme HD" might include the new "Essentials," which sort of replaced our Premium plan.)  Don't give up yet.  Good luck.
Contributor Beaver
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Verizon did a terrible job with this.  I was lead to believe that all these new additional HD channels would be in the basic HD package.  Now I find out I have to spend more for the HD extreme package.  I feel like this is "marketing" at it's best.  They've hooked you with a few HD channels with the words of "more channels are on the way."  Only problem is I never heard from anyone at Verizon that it was going to be additional money.  I'm very disappointed.
Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Extra money? What extra money? My bill has actually gone DOWN!


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