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tennis channel

tennis channel

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Is it possible to purchase the tennis channel alone, or only as part of a sports package? We do not get it (except I think it is a free preview now during the French Open). When I log into my account, it is only list as an option under the $15/month Sports Package.


Does anyone know how much it is by itself?



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Will Verizon be adding any other HD channels, specifically Tennis Channel HD, anytime soon?  I live in NNJ and already have received the new 100 HD channels upgrade right after NYC did which is great, but more would be better because trying to watch SD channels on an HDTV isn't that fun.
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Yes, they plan on adding more. The said before the end of the year that they would carry all available HD's.
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Plan: Extreme HD DV /50/25
Location: SE Pennsylvania
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Depends on your location.  I believe the sports package is only NNJ and NYC DMA.  Tennis channel is part of the Extreme package and up.  AFAIK it is not available ala carte.

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Tennis channel was just dropped completely.  I wonder how we can get it back --


+1 for Tennis Channel (and Fox Soccer channel) in HD on FiOS!

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Firebolt, Tennis Channel was not dropped by Fios, stop confusing what Frontier does to Verizon.

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Hey Firebolt,

It turns out Verizon is in a contract dispute with Tennis Channel and it will be taken off tonight after all. What you wrote was about Frontier, but there are also other cable companies in dispute with Tennis Channel too.

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Tennis Channel is off on VHO7 as of 12am.

The screen should make it clear that Verizon took the channel off due to a contract renewal dispute instead of just saying, "Tennis Channel programming is not available at this time."

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I woke up this morning and found that the Tennis Channel is not available.  So I spoke with FIOS Customer Service and they state that the Tennis Channel is still part of the line up and an active channel.  They transferred me to Tech Support who tells me that it has been dropped from the programming line up and is being dropped from most providers.  I asked to file a complaint and the tech supervisor states that they are in negotiations with the Tennis Channel on carrying the channel or not.


I would like to see the Tennis Channel become active again.  If you would like to see this as well, please call Verizon and give them your opinion.



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