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1.6.1 FIX

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@nascar wrote:

The heavy compression refers to Audio only.


@eddiem10 wrote:

For those of you who have been lucky enough to have gotten 1.6.1 with the SD PQ fixed, could you elaborate on whether this version has settings that allow one to adjust the sharpness back to that of 1.5.0 which was "stunning" compared to satellite SD.  One message indicated he had the compression set to "heavy" which implied some choice of settings.  Another earlier message indicate a future img version would have 6 settings where one could adjust the sharpness of the SD picture.  Is that in 1.6.1 or will that be in 1.7.0?????




Heavy is only for audio.  It's under Settings>Audio

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any new date for vho 8 iam in philly area thanks
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Look for it around 3/10 (VHO8) 

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Any idea of when VHO11 Pittsburgh, PA will get this update?

I just got the service installed on Thursday and this issue is driving me nuts. 

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What about Maryland (Metro DC area)? I think it is VHO4, but I'm not positive.




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the 6 settings for video control is something we are putting in a future img release but we haven't got a time frame or dates on that just yet
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any one know when its coming to Staten Island NY ? SD on MSG on HD TV is bad, same as watching Time Warner. I had 1.5 and 1.6.1 until Oct of 08 and both versions for SD on HDTV was the same, bad. So hopefully this fixes it and with no MSG HD or MSG Plus HD , the SD better be improved so I can watch it like near like HD quality. At least Verizon is fixing the SD on HDTV because all the operators have the same SD Quality or worse on HDTV's. I give Verizon much credit for this, looks like why they keep so many customers and that why they were rated the way they were. Words and actions speak for themselves.
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I am eager for any news on this and other patches.  I live in suburban Maryland and I have had HD Fios for 3-4 months now.  Since the first week or so, I contacted support to report the "Lost connection with hub" problem when veiwing content on our remote STBs (QIP 7100s).  They sent a tech out to the house to check connectivity and everything was fine.  It was then that the on-site tech told me that "a patch scheduled for Feb should fix the probem."  He mentioned 1.6.1 as being in Feb and 1.7 as being March.  When I check my boxes, theya re still 1.6.


This ha sgone on for 3-4 months now and I am thinkig of asking for a refund for the whole house fees since we can not use our remote STBs.  Any word on when this issue will be fixed in our area?


Many thanks in advance!

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Here is a list of 1.6.2 release dates:


http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r21975310-162-Upgrade-Thread~start=540   mid way down


I trust once you get it you will be happy.  It is a milestone release that corrects many issues I and others have had.


If you do not know your VHO number then do the following:


1. Menu

2. Settings

3. System Information

4. Look for VHO ID:

5. Look at the last two numbers.  Example: VHO ID: 5404 = VHO4




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This issue that was inquired about here has been resolved as of IMG 1.6.2


If you have other issues outside these posts please start a new thread.

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