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1.6.1 audio issue

Contributor Dintdoit
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I had an no audio on my 7216 SNR 36.5/35.7 HDMI Olevia 747i IMG 1.6.1 but I believe the problem was my TV as power cycling the TV fixed it.  I'm currently having no further issues with audio; not even skipping audio. 
Copper Contributor Buzz
Copper Contributor
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I am one of those that lost my sound when I was first upgraded to 1.6.1 then Verizon did something and it had worked flawlessly until last night when I lost my audio again.  My software still says 1.6.1 so I don't know what changed.  What's up?
Contributor usa102482
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Techman -


I currently have a Sony Bravia KDL - 46V4100 with a Sony DAV-HDX275 DVD Home Theatre System. They have a feature called Bravia Sync that works in conjunction with the HDMI. When they are hooked up independent of my Motorola QIP 7126 DVR they work without issue. Once I hook in the DVD via HDMI I think I'm having handshake issues because the TV fails to recognize the DVD via HDMI. I've called Sony Tech support and they mentioned something about disabling remote HDMI control on the box. When I called tech support I was told the only solution is to use component cables. Needless to say I'm a bit bummed. There is a noticiable difference using the components. Has anyone else experienced this problem or come up with a workaround/solution. Looking foward to hearing back. Thanks for the advice in advance.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Why does the list of forums now how two (2) sets of :re: 1.6.1 audio issue?  When I click on the 2nd one it takes me to the last message(s) entered - that is the correct way according to my profile.  The 1st takes me to the oldest message - Huh!?!?!?!?!?!?
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Platinum Contributor III
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They are the same thread, the first one is a copy and displayed "above the bar" and is a "sticky" and always near the top of the list. When you click on the new entry number for either one of them, if it is not zero, you are taken to the first post you have not viewed. If you then go to the other entry the new count will now be zero, and when you click on any thread with a new count of zero you are always taken to the first entry in the thread.


Just the way it works.


Verizon FiOS TV, Internet, and phone
IMG 1.6.0, Build 06.89
Keller, TX 76248

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Wellllllllll, they were listed next to each in the list.  One of them was not "sticky".  No biggy, was just curious.
Copper Contributor DrP
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Don't have 6.1.1 yet but am having audio issues that seem to be related to the HDMI connection, judging by other comments.  Have a 7216 box into a Pioneer VSX-1018 receiver and a Panasonic plasma, all using HDMI.  I also noticed the syncing issue and the audio drops out briefly, especially after changing channels. 

My other problem has been using Media Manager trying to play music from a computer through the 7216.  All works great until the screen appears showing the music playing but the audio stops.  Even if I use another audio line with the HDMI such as analog or optical it will not work if the media screen and the audio are trying to be on together.  Example: with the music media screen showing music playing I go the the Pioneer setup screen (which cuts out the FIOS screen) and change the audio input to optical, (or analog) the music starts playing until I exit setup and the FIOS media screen appears.

To make this work properly I have to use the component and audio outputs of the 7216 instead of HDMI. 

The screen saver setting in the media manager is also not working.


Many of the comments I see seem to be related to an HDMI connection through a A/V receiver as I also connected the 7216 box directly to a TV using HDMI and Media Manger worked fine.  Sure sounds like a handshaking issue with HDMI between the FIOS box and A/V receivers.


Copper Contributor Robert145
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Sony BRAVIA KDL46XBR6 - I have noticed frequent audio dropouts and pixel noise on various stations. The audio will drop out for 4 to 10 sec. at a time. It happens on any station.
Copper Contributor DrP
Copper Contributor
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I didn't list the TV model in my pervious post.

My equipment: A/V amp - Pioneer VSX-1018-AH-k


Copper Contributor DrP
Copper Contributor
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I didn't list the TV in my last post.  My equipment is; A/V Receiver - Pioneer VSX-1018 AH-K; TV - Panasonic TH-42PX6U;

7216 STB: 7100 STB.


Major problems have been;

1. Media Manager won't work using HDMI (See previous post for details)

2. Audio will keep dropping out while video is fine.  Have noticed usually while viewing recorded programs.  Have to pull power cord to "fix"

3. Guide will "freeze" and will not respond to remotes for 20 to 30 seconds or more.  Will respond to front panel controls.  Have used the two Verizon remotes and my universal remote.

4.  Switch channels and get a blank screen or says "channel not currently available".  Sometimes will black out all channels and I have to do a power cord reset, or just one channel which if I go to another channel, then back it may work the second try.

5. Have noticed that during playback of recorded video picture conpletely blacks out (and audio) sometimes.  Cannot tell if this happened during the original recording or during playback.


I do not have the 1.6.1 update but as I noted before, some of the above issues seem to still be a problem.  In summary I have had to reset these STB's more times in the last 30 days then with DirecTV boxes in the past 8 years.  



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