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1.6.1 audio issue

Contributor lostboy85
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Registered: ‎03-29-2009
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I just got Fios TV yesterday and had it installed on 2 television sets. One TV has a standard box the other has DVR. The tv with the standard box is working fine no problems but the tv with dvr I am having audio issues with. I have been channel surfing on it and i am discovering several channels without audio. I don't know if this is due to the dvr or my tv set.

I have a Dynex DX-LCD32-09

Contributor tavella
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Registered: ‎04-08-2009
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I have had audio issues ever since the major overhaul last year. My audio pops and cracks on and off. I have had my box replaced (6416) purchased new cables (Optial audio, Digital Coax SPDIF, and HDMI) replaced my television (Olevia v323 to a Samsung LN46A650), and replaced my Bose 3-2-1 GSX to a Onkyo TX-NR906. I have been upgraded to 1.6.2 and the problem still exists.



Copper Contributor DandyDon
Copper Contributor
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I have five std (low def) TVs spread around my house.  An amplifier was added during FIOS installation.  TV #4 has a 7216 DVR, and a splitter feeds TV #5, about 25 ft from TV #4.  The audio level is different on every channel on every TV, and TV #5 is the worst.  All TVs worked great with DirecTv, which had a dual feed dish with shorter cable runs.  A week after FIOS installation, a second FIOS tech came out and made several improvements but couldn't get the audio up on TV #5.  One tech said they plan to replace the ONT with one that has TV signals "packetized" just like internet data.  Maybe then we'll have consistent TV audio.  On the worst channel on TV#5 I heard the volume increase way up when one commercial came on.  Capitalism is still alive!
Copper Contributor DrP
Copper Contributor
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Received the 6.2 update about two weeks ago and a number of the issues I noted before seem to be gone (fingers crossed)  The audio still blanks out somtimes after the channel is changed but the video doesn't freeze on and off while watching a recorded program and the "Channel Unavailable" problem also has not been noticed.


However, the media manager still will not play music unless the 7216 is connected with component cables instead of HDMI as per my previous post.


And a new problem... We set channel 507 to record a week ago but channel 7 recorded instead.  (7 is our local ABC channel and 507 is the HD ABC channel)  The guide indicated there was a conflict so 507 did not record.  We reset the recording for the next week and this time it recorded both 7 & 507.  We again checked the settings but the next night it recorded 7 and indicated a conflict with 507.  We have never set 7 to record and when you look at the schedule only 507 is listed.  We recorded 507 at least three times before this update without any problems.  





Contributor dugs54
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Registered: ‎03-28-2009
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HP PL5060N



It was working fine before this change

Contributor JLo
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I have had this issue with FIOS since day 1.

The audio goes mute for a second or so every few minutes.

Sometimes its every few seconds. 

I have called several times, 2 technicians have come to check it, both times I was told it was fixed.

Now, it is virtually impossible to get someone on the phone for support. This is the most frustrating experience ever with any TV company I have had.


TV: Samsung HLR4266

Set Top: Motorola QIP6200/64xx Series

 /V Receiver: Onkyo TX SR504

The problem gets infinitely worse with VOD, and it happens regardless of where the audio is going (TV or A/V receiver) 

Contributor tomcampbell108
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Registered: ‎05-06-2009
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I've been having a similar audio issue where my audio gets completely dropped and the only way to get it back is to turn off and back on the receiver.  I called Verizon to ask about the problem and they did some checks and upgrades.  I've redone every connection - I have copper wire and it is still dropping.  This doesn't happen when playing DVD's.


I'm in Bothell, WA have a DVR - service since September 08.  Sony STRDE835 Receiver.  32Panasonic Superflat; Boston Surround Sound.  I also wonder if FIOS supports surround sound because I can't get it to play.  I'm not doing HD yet but am considering an upgrade to a nice Samsung LED, but if these problems continue - not sure new equipment will do the trick.  Should I upgrade the cables between the DVR and the Receiver?  What gives?  


Hoping to listen without getting dropped soon.  It is very aggravating.  

Contributor Santos
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Registered: ‎05-11-2009
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I've noticed some audio skipping issues on all of my tvs using the Motorola DCT-700 Digital Adapters..  I'm in NJ and experience this on Cartoon Network (channel 257) and sometimes on truTV (channel 183).  It's as a cd/dvd skips... the picture flutters a bit and the audio goes out.  This happens for less than a second, every 10 seconds to a minute.


I had a tech come out to check it out and he noticed it too.  He called to the "main center" in Freehold and the guy noticed it there on those channels and on CNN (CNN is fine for me though).  A week later and the problem still persists.  Watching anything on these channels is painful.


I have all standard def TVs with the basic box.  One TV that uses the Motorola 2500 Standard Definition Set-Top Box works fine.  This audio problem only affects TVs with the DCT-700s. 


Anyone have this problem?  Can someone offer assistance?  I feel like this is going no where with the tech and the rest of support who was "helping" me with this.



Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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I have similar audio drop out on both live and DVR'ed programs, and I have 1.6.2       It seems to be getting worse, so what are my alternatives?  I have  a Samsung DLP HD TV hooked up with HDMI to a Pioneer receiver.    This is very frustrating!!!     Bob
Contributor mike_b
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Registered: ‎05-30-2009
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I was upgraded to 1.6.2 and now have audio drop outs on several channels.  This is frustrating.

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