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1.6.1 killed my audio

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: 1.6.1 killed my audio

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@TimSykes wrote:
Your right, but most receivers will have digital coax before optical. 

@CeeZee wrote:

@TimSykes wrote:
Did you try to use the digital coax, It can be a work around until the optical fix.
Not everyone has digital coax on their receivers.



Yeah, my old Sony receiver is weird. It does have digital coaxial but I can only assign it to either the DVD input or the CD input. Not the TV/SAT input! I guess I could set it to the CD input, set the Sony receiver to CD, and that would work. I'm only running the audio part through the receiver, the video is via HDMI. And I use my DVD player for DVDs and CDs so the CD audio is unused. Oh well, hope I don't have to do any of this!


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Bronze Contributor II
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Re: 1.6.1 killed my audio

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What model STB's are seeing the issue? This could be a critical part of the puzzle as well...
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Re: 1.6.1 killed my audio

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I am at work now (I had to come to work to get away from my family that hates me for getting this stuipid FIOS) so I can't check the model number of the box, but it is one of those Home Media DVRs that you get free for a year and you are supposed to be able to watch shows recorded on the DVR from other tvs in the house.  Yeah right.
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Gold Contributor IV
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Re: 1.6.1 killed my audio

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everyone I need you to check your volume settings to make sure they didn't default to 0.


please post everything under the Menu.....Settings......Audio.......


Should be Volume Control, Audio Format, Volume Control, and Dynamic Range please.



also if you have hdmi connected and are experiencing no sound



User Settings - Additional HDMI Settings :
Audio Output - Auto, L-PCM, Passthrough 
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Re: 1.6.1 killed my audio

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I've tried reseating the optical cables and switching it to a different input on my receiver, same issue.  I don't have a digital coax cable to see if that connection has the same problem.  I looked at the volume settings and it was not set to zero, audio format is surround, I don't recall the volume control setting and dynamic range is turned off.  HDMI works fine as does regular two channel.  Funny thing is that some stations started working this moning, specifically ABC and NBC.  All others I tried were cutting out.  To answer another questions, I have the 7216 STB.



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Re: 1.6.1 killed my audio

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Same here.  No audio.


Using HDMI for picture, Digital Coax for audio

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Silver Contributor III
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Re: 1.6.1 killed my audio

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There was an issue with one of the updates that basically kicked the Optical Audio back to "mono mode" when the reciever was shut off.  The customer would have to turn on stb, go to menu>settings>audio and select "surround" in one of the audio tabs. 


The other work around was to leave he reciever on all the time.


Of course the third choice was to use the red and white wires to your audio reciever.


I thought this was taken care of with the last Img release...Maybe it's suppose to be corrected with the new 1.7 img release due the 1st quarter of this year.

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Bronze Contributor I
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Re: 1.6.1 killed my audio

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I also woke up to the Verizon audio removal program.  I have a 7216 and have 3 HDMI cables going into Sony CT100 and then routed via optical cable to the television.   I tried everything mentioned on this subject and nothing worked.  So, I went to the audio section and just changed each setting and immediately went back and changed that to the setting I originally had.   It worked.   Ultimately, I changed nothing but reset all my audio settings..
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Re: 1.6.1 killed my audio

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Thanks for that tip Humble. Try and have customer service explain that one to everyone affected.
Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Re: 1.6.1 killed my audio

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You are welcome.  I just made the assumption that all viewers that received the 1.6.1 update went to their computer and checked for fixes this morning.  My assumption was based on a random sample of two customers.
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