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1.6.2 remaining schedule

1.6.2 remaining schedule

Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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VHO01   Carrollton, TX
VHO02   Temple Terrace, FL
VHO03   Pomona, CA
VHO04   Silver Spring, MD
VHO05   Queens, NY
VHO06   Burlington, MA
VHO06a Rhode Island
VHO07   Freehold, NJ
VHO08   Philadelphia, PA
VHO09   Richmond, VA
VHO09a Norfolk, VA
VHO10   Fort Wayne, IN
VHO11   Pittsburgh, PA
VHO12   Portland, OR
VHO13   Seattle, WA
VHO14   Harrisburg, PA
VHO15   Buffalo, NY


VHO14   VHO15                   1.6.2  26 FEB 2009
VHO07   VHO08                   1.6.2  10 MAR 2009
VHO12   VHO13                   1.6.2  17 MAR 2009
VHO05   VHO06  VHO06a  1.6.2  24 MAR 2009
VHO04   VHO09  VHO09a  1.6.2  31 MAR 2009
VHO02   VHO10  VHO11    1.6.2  07 APR 2009
VHO01   VHO03                   1.6.2  14 APR 2009



This has been posted several times and we had to remove it until the ok was granted. I do apologize for any and all confusion regarding the deployment schedule.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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just tell me one thing, Techman - is this going to solve the 'currently unavailable...' problems. I live in Pittsburgh and I've only had FIOS TV for a week but I have already experienced this problem. Your system seems to have a few quirks in it and I truely hope they will not multiply. If I get this upgrade on April 7th will things start running the way they should? Thanks.
Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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yes it does resolve the currently unavailable issue.
Copper Contributor theos2
Copper Contributor
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I would check your wires and splitters.

Contributor JanePetyk
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I live in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA -- Berwyn -- will I be getting the 1.6.2 upgrade when Philadelphia does? I too am at my wits' end with this "channel not currently available" problem. VERY FRUSTRATING!!! Thanks.



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Bronze Contributor II
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I would think when the update comes to Philadelphia everyone in Philadelphia will get it.
Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Yeh, our Philly area has the update as of the 10th of March.  If you are still getting currently unavailable, it may be a cabling issue at this point...
Copper Contributor MacMDB
Copper Contributor
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Is there a certain time of day the updates are released.  I woke up this morning thinking it would be updated over night.  I'm in the Richmond, VA area...Anyone else get the update?
Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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Techman, Was today's rollout delayed? Thanks.
Contributor eddiem10
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 Hi techman:


Unfortunately, VHO 4 didn't get the 1.6.2 update last night (3-31-09).  Any word on when we will get it.  Been waiting 9 months to get the poor SD PQ fixed!!!!!  Thanks for any updated info you can provide.



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