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25 reasons I'm not happy with Verizon

25 reasons I'm not happy with Verizon

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As I watch tv tonight, I wanted to capture my user experience because it's just getting worse. It's become clear to me that Verizon does not conduct User Experience focus groups, nor tests your interfaces with customers, because some of these items are very basic intuitive functionality:
1. OnDemand: shows I put on hold time out too quickly
2. View Recordings: Not sure why the Delete function is listed first- I'd like to have PLAY listed first
3. Create New Recording/Search for Show: having the pre-loaded On Demand and On TV suggestions are a) obnoxious, b) not helpful because they are not of interest to me, and c) not sure why A, D and C functions are listed, nothing happens
4. Search for Show: when I find the show I want to create a recording of, I cannot figure out how to create a new series-- the show listing which gets resulted shows everytime the show is on. Show me the newest show first. Do not place the On Demand option first.
5. Watching On Demand: showing the same ad over and over again during an On Demand show is obnoxious.
6. Watching On Demand: showing an ad for the show I am already watching is pointless (e.g., watching Benched and every commercial was for the show Benched.)
7. On Demand: often the playback is scrambled. I can't start and stop it without going through all the steps it took me to launch the show. And then, it's still a scrambled signal which then requires DVR or STB reset.
8. On Demand: baffles me why Free & Premium are listed together. these are opposite descriptions
9. On Demand/TV Shows: I pressed Options and Add Bookmark. Nothing happens and not sure where this gets bookmarked to.
10. On Demand/TV Shows: would be helpful for the system to indicate whether I have watched a show or not.
11. On Demand/TV Shows: show the air date in the description listed at the top of the screen.
12. On Demand/TV Shows: the system knows which shows I lIke to watch, include these as suggestions
13. On Demand/TV Shows: I hate the fact that I cannot fast forward when watching tv shows On Demand. What's worse is the violent advertisements which are shown and that I have to sit through it. It's rude.
14. On Demand/Home Screen: the 1, 2, 3 in upper left is unhelpful
15. My Library: I cannot turn on Recommendations as directed
16. Guide: let me keep only My Favorites listed instead of having to choose Options/Favorites 1 every time. The Settings function doesn't save.
17. Guide: it's not clear why the colors are used the way they are
18. On Demand: Give us the option to turn off Kids Zone, Zona Latina, TV Series to Own. None are relevant to our household.
19. OnDemand/Premium Channels: Only show the Premium Channel I am subscribed to (e.g., HBO)
20. Tech support: separate out the issues of set top box STB and DVR
21. Fix the typo on autocorrect screen: 'upto 2 mins' Fix it to be "up to 2 minutes"
22. 'Feel Free to Binge' is a pointless function
23. On Demand: Let us fast forward at 4X speed
24. Manage Series Recordings: sort by Alpha order. Why is "Priority" an important criteria?
25. I shouldn't have to even write this list of 25 issues....

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4 - When you find the show you want, hit OK button. Choose option for Record Episode or Series.

5/6 - Verizon doesn't control ads that are shown during playback. That is from the content provider

7 - Sounds as thought you have an issue (not normal). Is this true on all boxes or just one? Have you tried checking coax connections to the box and at each splitter (most common cause)

9 - Bookmarks are found under My Library menu option in VOD

13 - See above. Same holds true for lack of FFD.

16 - You have to set Guide to remember last state. The exact menu location depends on the STB model you have.

20 - What does that mean?

24 - Priority is very important. If you have scheduled to record more shows than you have tuners available, they are recorded in order of priority.


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